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Ambience HQ have looked into the traditions of carrying something old, new and blue on your wedding day and why this is still today a significant part of a brides to be’s wedding day.

We have all heard of this wedding tradition and the meaning behind the poem that if the bride carries all of the items she is going to be happily married for ever more.

“something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue & a silver six pence in her shoe”


So what does all this mean?

Something Old signifies the brides family and the past.

Something New signifies the new life ahead of the bride.

Something Borrowed can be anything lent to the bride but has to be from a happily married friend or family member.  The happiness within their marriage is then carried over to the bride to be and it will also remind her that she can depend on friends and family when she needs to.

Something Blue is connected to marriage from ancient times.  As far back as Roman times, brides would wear blue as sign of love and fidelity.  Take a look at how the Virgin Mary is dressed, she is wearing blue, and so the colour now signifies purity.

Silver Six Pence is placed into the bride’s shoe to signify wealth and financial security.  The six pence is usually placed in the left shoe.

So for your happy day are you going to keep with the above traditions?  There are many ways that you can incorporate the tradition into your wedding day without making a big impact on your styling.  You can either do it very low key like some of the ideas below or make a statement like adding blue as your colour theme to your wedding.  The ideas that we came up with are –

  • Wearing an old necklace or ear-rings from a grandparent that goes with your wedding dress styling.
  • Take a piece of lace from an old dress and try to stitched it into the lining of your wedding dress or seal it in the handle of your bouquet.
  • Borrow something from a friend like a bracelet or a charm to add to your necklace.  Have they been married before and do they have a garter you can borrow, is there blue incorporated into the garter?
  • Maybe your guest book could be blue, or the pen everyone has to sign it with is blue ink.
  • Your dress will be new or it could even be old and blue!

There are so many ways of incorporating this ancient old tradition and it would be wonderful if you used it.  Remember the luck it brings and if like us at Ambience HQ, if there is a tradition we are going to keep to it.

If you want to know more about our ideas and to talk about your ideas for your wedding day, please do send us an email.

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