Did you know that September is one of the peak times of the year to get engaged? Maybe that’s because it’s when couples often have romantic late summer holidays …

In which case the chances are that you’ll be planning a summer wedding day. Enjoying the warmer weather and bright sunshine that’s on offer at that time of year.

So how can you make the best of your wedding? Here are some ideas to get you started. Remember that our wedding stylists also have some fabulous, inspirational thoughts to share with you – as well as all the props you need to get your wedding looking suitably summery.

10 summer wedding day thoughts

  1. Your guests will enjoy sitting outside and enjoying a clear and dry night. Even if it’s a bit chilly you can be outdoors. Just get fire pits or terracotta cheminees set up for people to cosy about. Maybe have a tented chill-out area with some bean bags for lolling about on. A basket of rugs to wrap up in isn’t a bad idea either.

    Purple organza sashes on white wedding chair covers for wedding outdoor ceremony

    A barn works beautifully for a summer wedding

  2. Light your guests’ way with pretty lamps and candles in jam jars or tea lights dotted along pathways. This is exactly where one of our stylists can help you, supplying decorative lanterns, tea lights and ropes of lights to go in the trees. You don’t need to spend your time sourcing these things or your budget.
  3. If it’s a particularly hot day, then parasols will be very welcome for the female guests to shelter underneath and will help to keep people cool. They also look wonderful in wedding photographs and make a great prop. On the other hand, if there are summer showers forecast, you should think about supplying colourful umbrellas on the way to and from the venue and outside the marquee. Again, that’s something one of our stylists can help with (so you don’t end up owning 50 umbrellas!)

    Blue taffeta sashes on white wedding chair covers for wedding reception

    Rustic wedding created by one of our stylists

  4. Remember to serve plenty of cold soft drinks as well as fizz and alcohol. Perhaps you could have a soft drinks station set up, with old-fashioned cloudy lemonade. And don’t forget, a cup of tea on a hot day can also be very reviving!
  5. Barn weddings work well in summer and allow you to stop worrying about the weather. Warm in winter and cool in summer, you could hold a barn dance instead of having a disco – it’s something all ages enjoy.

    wedding garden with lanterns

    Just another summer wedding idea from one of our stylists

  6. Take a tip from Kate-Mid and decorate the trees around your venue. Use special lighting, hurricane lamps, or paper lanterns.
  7. At a summer wedding, you don’t necessarily need a formal sit down dinner inside. Why not have a buffet, so your guests can mix and mingle, or organise a hog roast with an ice cream van for dessert (both great ways of keeping your costs down).Put out croquet sets, giant Jenga and chess sets so guests can enjoy outdoor games.
  8. Remember to keep your cool as a bride. If you feel overheated, run your wrists under cold water in the ladies’ and don’t forget to have a makeup bag with your touch-up kit in it, in case perspiration makes you look a bit shiny!
  9. Make the most of seasonal local produce. Not only will you save money but everything will taste better. Yes, that’s strawberries and raspberries in July! Talk to your caterer and venue about what’s on offer.
  10. Don’t feel you have to go for pastel shades in summer. Brights can also look amazing – we’re thinking orange, hot pinks, lime green, turquoises … your stylist can dress up your chairs and table in just about any combination you can think of.

If you’d like a no-obligation chat with one of our wedding stylists about how to make your summer wedding look picture perfect then get in touch. You’re under no obligation to take things further and you could just find that a load of stress and wedding planning has been lifted from your shoulders! And we’re a lot more than chair covers for weddings, as you’ll discover!

lanterns outside

Our stylists can help with all your props