Happy New Year from all of us at Ambience Venue Styling.

The chances are that you or someone you know got engaged over Christmas and New Year as this is a peak time for popping the question. In which case congratulations!

You are going to have a lot to think about over the next few months and we are here to help you with ideas and organisation. But to start with, we’d like to share some of the New Year resolutions that brides may want to make.

  1. Stick to your budget. Before you plan any part of your wedding, choose a venue or go wedding dress shopping. This is something you need to decide on between the two of you before you do anything else. You really don’t want to be starting married life with a massive debt around your neck so sit down together, work out your outgoings, what you can afford to save and see how long it will take you to afford the wedding you want. There are many ways of saving money on your wedding day that won’t spoil it in any way and you might like to read some of our tips here.

    wedding garden with lanterns

    Just another summer wedding idea from one of our stylists

  2. Be flexible on dates. You may have always dreamed of getting married in June but try and be open minded about when you get married. If you marry on a Saturday in June you’re going to find many popular venues are booked up well in advance it’s also more expensive to get married at popular times as you’ll be less able to negotiate discounts with venues. You might not get the summer weather you’re after in June either. Think about marrying midweek or ‘out of season’. It also might work better as people are more likely to be available outside of the summer months and won’t have already planned a holiday.
  3. Which brings us to our next resolution. Save the dates are a really good idea. It’s lovely if you can send out cards that match your wedding stationery but alternatives are sending an email (you can use some special email stationery for this) or even starting a private Facebook event or a wedding website.
  4. Keep an open mind when you go shopping for your wedding dress. You might have always dreamed of being a vision in tulle or a strapless fishtail frock but ask the sales person for advice on what might flatter your body shape more first. They may pull some dresses out you’d never have considered and they’ll be able to see at a glance what will suit your figure and personality so try a few on. The unexpected could well turn out to be the dress of your dreams!
  5. Think about children at your wedding. If you say ‘no kids’ then some of your friends may be unable to come. To be honest, an evening event and children doesn’t always work that well although you could have a chill-out room and a children’s entertainer.
  6. Think about plus ones. You are perfectly entitled to say no ‘plus ones’ unless couples are in a committed relationship. Random guests you don’t know will eat away at your budget. Far better to have a table of singles and see what happens!
  7. Don’t scrimp on food. If you’re marrying at midday and carrying on partying until midnight you’re going to have to feed your guests lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Which can be expensive. You can’t really expect people to survive on crisps, dip and crudités all afternoon and hungry guests aren’t going to have a good time. Again, look at your budget and see what is going to work for you. Maybe get married a little later in the day and serve afternoon tea to those attending the ceremony, then go all out for a big dinner! If you’re getting married in the summer you could also have festival-style food served from vans and tents. You don’t need a big sit down, three course meal if that’s not your style.


    Our experts can style your wedding in many different ways – like this country garden style ceremony

  8. Think about how you’d like your wedding day styled and get in touch with us. We have stylists all over the country so there’s certain to be one near you. Using a stylist can save you money as well as time, you won’t have to invest in props you’re unlikely to use again and you won’t have to spend your time hunting for them either. Our stylists are very experienced and friendly so get in touch.


    Beware of the bridezilla effect. Image Wikipedia

  9. Do not turn into a bridezilla. Or let a bridesmaid turn into a bridesmaidzilla!
  10. Don’t get too stressed. Your wedding day should be a joyful event so don’t let the planning, dieting, exercise and everything else cloud the fact that you’re marrying the love of your life! That’s the best of the resolutions for brides to follow!