You might never have thought of using a stylist to get your wedding look right. Maybe you think wedding stylists are just for A-listers like Kim Kardashian. Well, that’s absolutely not the case because there are plenty of reasons to use a stylist and here’s why.

  1. Using a wedding stylist is likely to save you money. How does that work then? You’ve probably browsed through wedding magazines, blogs and Pinterest and have a fair few ideas about how you’d like your wedding to look. The chances are however that many of these ideas involve d√®cor items like lanterns to light the way, birdcages for wedding tables, a frame for the table plan, maybe an aisle runner? The list goes on. Our wedding stylists have access to items like this which can be added to any personalised quotes and packages. So instead of running up extra charges and wondering what you’re going to do with the props after the wedding you can just relax and hand it over to our stylist, brief them in exactly what you want and let them take the stress away from you.

    Ambience venue styling

    Our stylists will have lanterns ready for you if that’s what you’re after

  2. A stylist will keep you focused. Because you’re handing over to them you can keep to your to do list and tick off the urgent things, knowing that the look of your wedding is sorted.
  3. A wedding stylist will save you bags of time. Time is something you’re going to be short of in the run-up to your wedding. Our stylists will source what you need, decorate the venue and make everything look just the way you always dreamed of. Time to hand over to them and focus on the other things you need to do to get your wedding organised.

    birdcage on wedding table

    Making everything look just the way you always wanted

  4. Our stylists have masses of experience in getting weddings to look a certain way. Vintage wedding day? No problem. Black and white monochrome wedding look? Again no problem, they’ll have the chair sashes and runners you need to get the look right.

    A black and white wedding is very chic and timeless

  5. Browse through wedding blogs, magazines and other wedding websites online to get your ideas together and then chat them over with a stylist. They’ll interpret your thoughts in an inspirational way and keep you within your budget. It’s your wedding day, don’t worry that they’ll force their ideas on you, instead they will make your ideas happen just the way you want.
  6. You’ll find a stylist will help to calm your nerves. They know what brides-to-be worry about and so they’ll be able to help and advise on your wedding venue styling all the way through. And they are completely discreet, so you don’t need to worry about anybody spilling the beans on what your day is going to look like. If you want to keep it a secret then confide in your stylist and know things will go no further.
    1. Our wedding stylists will be able to adapt your look to suit your wedding dress, your flowers, your bridesmaid dress and your venue so everything works together perfectly as a theme.
  7. If you love the location of your venue but think it looks a bit dull then our stylists will wave their magic wands and transform it. So say you have a village hall that’s perfect but isn’t so pretty inside then our stylists will use special lighting and interior draping to turn it into a palace.

    room draping

    Room draping can transform an indifferent room into somewhere special

  8. You’ll be much less likely to turn into a bridezilla if you know that somebody else is handling some of the arrangements to perfection. Usually people get stressed when they have too much on their mind which is when bridezilla appears. With a stylist you can stay cool, calm and collected.
  9. On the day itself you can just relax and enjoy yourself and appreciate the oohs and aaahs of guests when they see just how wonderful your wedding reception looks.

So get in touch with one of our wedding stylists local to you today. You’re under no obligation but you’ll certainly be glad you did.