Getting engaged makes it really official – and announces that you really do plan to spend the rest of your lives together…

1. You’ll get to know your wedding photographer much better if you have an engagement session beforehand. You can establish a relationship together long before the pressures of the wedding day and have a real heart to heart talk about what you’re after. The photographer will see which images you really liked and so has a much better idea of what you’ll be after on the big day itself.

2. The setting you choose for your engagement photographs is very important. Maybe there’s somewhere special to you both? The place he popped the question? It could be inside or outside – just remember to tell the photographer what you have in mind before he arrives so he has the right equipment.

3. You can use your engagement photographs as save the dates and wedding invitations – have a collage of the prints made to display in your home.

4. Talk to the photographer about how you met and the activities you enjoy sharing together. It provides extra inspiration.

5.  Give careful thought to what you wear. Smart casual is best – more smart than completely casual really. You want to look your best but yourself. If you’re having an engagement shoot outside, make sure that you wear clothes that will deal with the location – e.g. if you want to sit on a sandy beach or grass, you don’t want to have to worry about your clothes being spoiled.

6. Don’t pose too much. We’ve all seen those photographs of celebs on the red carpet, but they don’t really let their personality show. Showing off your personality is important in engagement photographs – and letting your character out. The photographer should have some tricks to help you relax and laugh.  That said, it is also a good idea to work through trying out different poses with your partner beforehand so you have some ideas of your own.

7.  Think about the time of day you’re having your photograph taken. The light is often wonderful in the early morning or before the sun goes down – very romantic. Sunrise and sunset often have a flattering golden glow and your photographer will have the right lights to deal with it, just communicate what you’re after.

8. So that you have the effect of several different shots bring some different clothes with you and some props. For example, if you both love playing the guitar, then bring yours along. Bring some hats, different coloured tops to ring the changes. Whilst classic shots are a must, ask the photographer to throw in some that a little more quirky – for example with different camera angles or different poses. If you’re looking for particular props – for example lanterns to light a pathway or a vintage bicycle, this is something that one of our experienced venue stylists could help you with.

9. If you’re both a little shy, a glass or two of bubbly might help you relax. Just don’t overdo it! Also don’t forget to eat before the shoot. If you’ve had a light meal beforehand, you’ll feel more chilled about it all rather than if you’re starving hungry, which will probably show as stress on your face.

10. Don’t be too serious about it all. You’re engaged – whoo! You’ve found your soulmate and life is looking good. So let that happiness shine through! Many men don’t particularly enjoy being photographed so have a few jokes and anecdotes up your sleeve to entertain him.

Remember if you need help styling your photography shoot and styling your wedding that our wedding stylists can help you to get just the look you’re after, so get in touch.

Featured image via Wikipedia Commons