Based on experience, we’ve plenty of pieces of wedding advice to offer you. Browse down the list and make sure that you’ve got them all covered.

Remember that our wedding stylists also have a massive amount of experience. If you need help with props and accessories like umbrellas, blankets for a chilly winter church, wedding cake stands, sourcing vases in fact all the little things that add up to the big things that make your wedding perfect, then you need to get in touch.

topiary trees

Our stylist added two topiary trees tied with pink ribbon to create a country style wedding and decorate an otherwise unremarkable stone doorway

  1. No matter what time of year you’re getting married, having a few umbrellas to hand is never a bad idea. On a rainy day your guests can use these to move from the ceremony to the reception and if you have them available, you won’t worry so much about the rain.
  2. Put your wedding cake somewhere it is going to be seen. There’s no point spending time and money choosing a wonderful cake if it gets tucked away in the corner at your reception where it can hardly be seen. Make it centre stage.
  3. Have some warm wraps for your bridesmaids and the bride (and not just in the winter). A strapless wedding dress can be chilly, so think about having a bolero, shrug or shawl to drape around your shoulders. Same applies for your bridesmaids too.

    Bride in strapless dress

    Have a shawl or bolero to drape over shoulders if it’s chilly. Dress by Sassi Holford

  4. Think about what you will do with your bridesmaids’ flowers at the wedding reception. Put them around the cake perhaps?
  5. Think about the wedding flowers that will be in season. You might be longing to have daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in your bouquet and on your tables but that’s not going to happen if you’re getting married in August for example as these won’t be in season. Talk to your florist about what’s available at the time of year you are getting married, this will save you money and you’ll get the best quality flowers.


    Our stylists will use your flowers in imaginative ways

  6. A chill-out room or area away from the band and DJ is really important, particularly if you are moving chairs and tables away in the reception area to create a dance floor. People always like somewhere to sit and chat. A lot of people at your wedding will be seeing friends they haven’t seen for a while and want to catch up with, having somewhere quiet and relatively peaceful to allow them to do so would be great. If you don’t do this, people won’t feel very comfortable and may leave earlier than you would like.
  7. Make sure your ushers really know the job that they have to do. In the excitement of asking their best friends, brothers and cousins to be ushers, a groom sometimes forgets that they have a job to do. We’ve been to weddings where guests mill about in the aisle, unsure of where to sit. The ushers should greet the guests on arrival at the ceremony, show everyone where they are sitting and hand out the orders of service. Basically be meeters and greeters and make everyone feel welcome. They can also take umbrellas aside to put in a safe place and hand back to the owners later, something older people will really appreciate.
  8. Serve plenty of soft drinks to your guests, tea and coffee as well as fizz, wine, cocktails, beer and whatever else. Have water on the tables and make sure water jugs and bottles are kept topped up. Your guests will appreciate this and many, if driving, won’t really want to drink much at all.

    Colour combinations that work beautifully

  9. Some people at your wedding won’t know many other people, so encourage your bridesmaids and the best man’s party to introduce people to one another if you’re having a drinks reception. That will make people feel very welcome and part of the big day.
  10. Finally, make sure you’ve briefed your photographer fully, having a walk around the reception venue beforehand is always a good plan and give them a list of your must-have photographs so they know the images you really want capturing and that way nothing will get forgotten.

Remember, our stylists have literally masses of wedding experience and they’ll be able to advise you on all the little things you don’t want to forget about. Making a phone call and having a chat doesn’t commit you to anything but it could make all the difference to your wedding plans. There’s certain to be a wedding stylist near you so get in touch!