Some bride’s wedding themes are solely based on colour and for this wedding it was Tiffany blue.

As a colour it has a lot to recommend it. It’s classic, vibrant, striking and works well at different times of year. For example it works well for Spring, Summer and Winter. In fact, we created a Tiffany blue ‘Frozen’ theme wedding not so long ago and you can see it here.

Today’s real wedding

Today we’re going to be bringing you a real wedding in Tiffany blue that was styled by one of our talented stylists, Sarah Tinsley who is based at Ambience Kent East.

Sarah styled this beautiful day for Beth and Eoin who were married at Winters Barn in July 2016.  Let’s take a look.

wedding gateway in Tiffany blue

Welcome to our wedding

Sarah had a very clear idea of what Beth wanted to achieve on her wedding day because they spent some useful time together talking about it all.  As you can see from these photographs, that’s very important in getting the look you want.

Beth was keen on having a Tiffany blue theme and so Sarah got to work and did just that. On arrival, guests were greeted at Winters Barn with a beautifully decorated archway, complete with topiary trees tied with blue sashes. The outdoor seating was decorated with white wicker hearts, flowers and the Tiffany blue sashes where tied to the side down the aisle.

One great advantage of using one of our stylists, is that they have all (or have access to) the styling items you’re going to need ready to hand like the white wicker hearts, which gave the perfect finishing touch here.


Look in the background and you can see that that groom’s party also followed a Tiffany blue theme – with turquoise cravats and pocket squares

The accompanying pink colour theme used on the heart decorations was also accentuated with pink in the bride’s bouquet and a pale pink pocket square and cravat for the groom.

bridesmaids in Tiffany blue

Beth also dressed her bridesmaids in a matching shade of turquoise

All aspects of your wedding day are important, but the two times when you really want to hit your guests with the wow factor are one when they arrive at your wedding, two when they enter your reception room.

It’s all about first impressions and our stylists will help you get yours spot on.

interior of barn wedding

The interior of Winters Barn, styled by Sarah

So much detail in this photograph to talk about. Again, the Tiffany blue sashes set off the white chair covers and table linen very elegantly. Pink floral table centrepieces echoed the bride’s bouquet. The lines of the barn were softened with traditional sheaves of hops and the large lanterns up above gave ambient (softer) lighting.

wedding table setting

A close up of the table settings

Guest’s place settings were indicated by a laser cut heart on the rim of their glass, a very subtle and effective way of showing people where they are sitting and something they can keep afterwards as a memento. To add a rustic air to the tables, in keeping with the style of the barn, our stylist placed a runner of hessian underneath the flower arrangements.

Tiffany blue wedding cake

What a dazzling cake by Sarah May’s Cakes

The wedding cake is another focal point on your big day and deserves to be shown off, after all you’re likely to have spent a long time thinking about it. Tell your stylist the sort of cake you’ve decided upon and show pictures if possible, because it’s going to help them to style the cake table to compliment the cake. On the cake above, we love the delicate pink and turquoise sugar flowers trailing down one side.

bride drinking champagne

Check the turquoise stemmed champagne glasses!

Most of our brides form a close working relationship with their stylist early on and we’re all about communication! Talk about what you want to achieve and our designers will help you every step of the way.

We think you’ll agree that Beth and Eoin look very happy with their wedding day. So why don’t you get in touch today and see how we can help you!

Who did what on Beth & Eoin’s wedding day?