Wedding accessories. Everything from your wedding flowers through to wedding favours. Here’s how they can make your wedding day stand out from the crowd

You’re an individual. A bride with her own ideas and thoughts. And you want your wedding day to reflect this. Be personal to you and your fianc√©. Show you as individuals.

Which is why wedding accessories are your best friends on your wedding day.

Choose the right pieces and you’ll be ahead of the game and here’s how.


Wedding accessories don’t have to be expensive – you just need to think about them. Let’s consider wedding favours for a moment. (In fact, you don’t have to have wedding favours, but that’s another matter.) Say you’re having a summer or country garden wedding day. In which case, all you need as a wedding favour is maybe a flower tucked into each guest’s napkin. Or a packet of seeds that reflect the flowers you’ve chosen on your wedding day. In winter, you could just put a Christmas tree bauble by each plate – something that guests can take home and which will remind them of your big day every Christmas. Really, a lot of what wedding favours do is pretty up the guest placement and tables – which is why you can consider them accessories.

A little bit more

Of course, you’re going to be thinking about wedding day jewellery. But some accessories also come under the heading of jewellery. Take shoe clips for example. A well-chosen shoe clip – a bit of sparkle or a well placed fabric flower – can lift a pair of simple pumps out of the realms of ordinary into something very special and stylist. So if you haven’t got a fortune to spend on wedding shoes or you want your flowergirls to wear simple ballet flats, check out the variety of shoe clips that are out there.

Putting a brooch on your wedding bouquet is a key way of personalising it. Maybe your granny has something she’d like to lend you? Or you can spend some happy hours sifting through brooches in charity shops or on Ebay. Pin a brooch to the stem of your wedding bouquet onto the ribbon and it will look even prettier when it’s photographed. (And the colour wedding ribbon you use is also something you need to be giving thought to as well.)

wedding accessories

Sparkly clips by Dessy

At your wedding reception

Thoughtful and stylish pieces are what are going to lift your wedding out of the ordinary into the spectacular – and again you don’t need to spend fortunes. For example, draping the inside of a marquee or a venue room can change the whole mood of the place – and room draping is certainly something one of our stylists can help you with. Many of our brides have used room draping to alter their wedding environment – for example, to transform a simple village hall in the perfect location into something far more glamorous.

Then there are the other types of wedding accessory. Maybe the perfect cake stand that will just add the finishing touch to your vintage style wedding day. Bone china tea cups for afternoon tea. Bunting in the right colours. A postbox for those last-minute cards and gifts of money. Again, these are accessories our stylists will have to hand – useful, practical and pretty.

wedding place setting

And for you

One accessory you’re going to need that you may not have considered is – a handbag. Now we’re not saying that you should cart something around on your arm (which is reserved for showing off your new husband in any case) but you will need an elegant little clutch bag for your wedding day essentials like tissues, lipstick, powder… and it’s something that your chief bridesmaid can look after for you.

Helping with your wedding accessories

Sometimes you just need to talk to an expert about the best ways of using wedding accessories and this is where one of our experienced stylists could really help you. Apart from having styling props at their disposal (items like wedding post boxes, bird cages, bone china tea sets and the like) they’ll also be able to suggest items you may not have thought of. Quirky ideas for wedding favours for example. Where you can source flower clips for your bridesmaids’ hair. Our stylists live and breathe weddings and they’re up to date with all the latest trends – so get in touch today for a no-obligation chat with one that lives locally to you.