Here’s a wedding created by one of our stylists which was sent to us by the bride, Emma.

Emma was absolutely delighted at the way her big day turned out. She was married at the Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere in Cumbria in November 2015 and here’s what she had to say about her wedding.

Photos of our wedding reception dressed by Ambience, we got married at the Daffodil hotel in Grasmere in November 15, amazing amazing set up, it was breathtaking walking into this room and every guest felt the same. I thought I’d share these amazing pictures with you. Emma X

It’s always wonderful to hear from our brides. Let’s take a look at Emma’s wedding day in more detail.

LOVE letters at wedding

Lighting up a November wedding with LOVE

Love is always in the air at a wedding. But at Emma’s wedding you couldn’t miss it, because love really was all around in the form of large illuminated letters spelling out LOVE.

Our stylist sourced them and they certainly lit up a November evening. On a practical level they worked well at the wedding reception because not only were they decorative and very on trend but they also lit up the room with a soft, diffused light that was very atmospheric. In addition, they created a good backdrop for the wedding photographs besides being fun and a little bit quirky in all the right ways.

One of the great things about using an Ambience stylist is that they have the imagination (and experience) to look at a wedding venue and see how it can be transformed. They’ll also have the right props to hand or will source them which saves you time and money.

Love wedding theme

Bringing a touch of winter glamour to Emma’s wedding with lighting and decorated wishing trees…

Make the most of your wedding season

As we’ve said, Emma was married in November which means that it got dark early and was the perfect time to for a wintery theme! She added a suggestion of winter with blue lighting and glass ‘icicles’ hanging from the branches of a mini white tree. White roses softened the look and the crystal glass votives added a quite beautiful touch.

And in the background you can see the LOVE letters shining out!

Decorated white tree

Bare branches with crystal ‘icicles’ made perfect decorations

Our stylists will help you to make the most of the time of year in which you are marrying and talk to you about how you can use the season as part of your wedding theme.

Although it was November, Emma and the stylist created a very vibrant, bright theme. No November gloom here!

Keeping things cosy

However winter evenings are also a time to snuggle up and get cosy. By using candles and soft lighting in other areas our stylist created a welcoming feel for Emma’s big day and a real glow to the wedding tables.


candlelight at wedding

Candlelight created a welcoming atmosphere

We have to say that one of the things we’re really proud of is our stylists’ ability to light a wedding venue to make it look beautiful and inviting.

As you can see above, our stylist at Emma’s wedding used candles, the illuminated LOVE letters and fairy lights on tree branches to create a real winter wonderland look.

There are other ways of using lighting too. For example, you can have a starlight curtain backdrop which can look wonderful behind a dance floor or to showcase the top table. We can also drape a room inside which can be the ideal way of sprinkling a little magic into a venue that might be a bit lacklustre.

Our stylists have also lit up the aisle at venues something that looks particularly wonderful if you’re having a wedding in the late afternoon in winter, just as it starts to become dark.

Lighted curtain

Another of our weddings – where the bride chose a starlight curtain backdrop

winter lanterns on wedding aisle

A fabulous walk down the aisle for this bride – with winter lanterns

All this just goes to show how many different looks our stylists can create. You may have an idea in your mind already but aren’t sure how it could work.

In which case we’d say give your local Ambience wedding stylist a ring, have a chat and see what they can do for you. They’ll have plenty of ideas and are very friendly to talk to!

We’re so delighted that Emma was thrilled with her wedding. At the end of the day, if our brides are happy, then we couldn’t be more delighted.

Look forward to you getting in touch! You can read more testimonials from real brides her…