So some couples will only ever consider getting married in summer. They want a midsummer wedding, with blue skies up above, plenty of sunshine and a long light evening stretching ahead.

But in fact there are plenty of advantages to holding your wedding a little later on in the year, in autumn.

You could still have blue skies up above and sunshine. In fact autumn ‘Indian summers’ offer warm, sunny, beautiful days.

autumn weddings

Your photographer will be delighted if you have an autumn wedding because you’ll have perfect warm colours as a backdrop when you’re outside. Image by Nathan Fiske Photography.

Some really good reasons to hold your wedding in autumn

People tend to be around in autumn. Most people take their longest holiday in the summer months, June, July and August, particularly if they have children. Come the middle of September, most of your friends and family will be back at home and back at work. So if you get married in late September, October or early November, you’re unlikely to be disappointed to hear people can’t come when you announce your wedding date.

You can be really creative with your colours. Summer is all about pastels, hot pinks, sapphire blues and emeralds. Come the autumn and you can investigate the creative opportunities brought by the season. We’re talking rich earth tones, berry reds, the colours of golden leaves in bronzes, rust, ochre’s etc. Think about berries and autumn fruits and vegetables, blackberry purples, squash oranges and pumpkin yellows.

autumn weddings

Love this idea for decorating the bride and groom’s table. So effective! Image via Jeremy Lawson Photography.

You can also have wonderful decorations, with your inspiration coming from nature. On your tables have long swathes of autumnal branches or twigs interspersed with squash, rosy apples and small pumpkins.

Autumn wedding

Use deep rich colours for your autumn wedding. These berry coloured sashes are perfect.

Gorgeous autumnal themed wedding ceremony… Flowers by Essentially Hops flowers

Take the look further with autumn coloured chair decor for your chairs and draped tables.

autumn wedding

Here’s a lovely way to give your wedding aisle that autumn feel…

Talk to your florist about the flowers that are in season in autumn so you can use suitable blooms. Chrysanthemums are at their best in autumn and will adapt to being used in bouquets, in table decorations and as buttonholes. Of course, you could also have autumnal fruits wired into your wedding bouquet – certain to be a talking point and highly original.

autumn weddings

Roses are always in season and at an autumn wedding opt for reds and oranges to reflect the season’s rich shades. Image via Country House Weddings.

As for food, if it’s a cool autumn evening late in the day when friends arrive at your reception, you could serve warm spiced cider cocktails, cocktail sausages and mini sips of soup instead of the usual canapés. Remember to use seasonal fruits and vegetables too at your main reception. So we’re thinking butternut squash, pumpkin purées and apple and blackberry crumbles.

Autumnal weddings

A ‘naked’ wedding cake decorated with autumnal leaves. By Cake Central.

When it comes to decorating your wedding cake, think about all the styling opportunities that autumn affords.

autumn wedding

Don’t forget to let autumn colours inspire you when dressing your bridesmaids. Here the bouquets add vibrant colours but you could dress each bridesmaid in a different autumnal shade too.

How about your bridesmaid dresses? We’d suggest that you take the colours of nature as your autumnal theme and dress your bridal party accordingly. Don’t opt for just one shade, look up at the leaves on the trees and use the colour palette you see there. So maybe dress one girl in a rusty orange, another in a forest green, and another in a rich earthy brown, maybe another in a blackcurrant purple… All the colours that are on trend for autumn 2018!

autumn bridesmaids

More colour ideas for autumn bridesmaid dresses. Via WeddingbyColor

Venues, photographers, caterers

Marry in summer and it’s all about booking ahead. If you want to get married on a summer Saturday in a particular venue you may well find that it’s booked over a year in advance.

Now if you get married in autumn, you’ll find that you’re much more likely to find venues free on a chosen date, particularly if you get married on a weekday.

As well as finding more choice of venues, you’re also likely to discover that photographers, hairstylists, caterers, chauffeured cars and all your other suppliers have dates free.