You’ve almost certainly heard of the expression “blushing bride” but have you considered having a blush themed wedding day?

Blush is a fantastic wedding colour choice for a number of different reasons.

  1. It’s subtler than pink
  2. Because it falls into the pastel spectrum it will work as a base colour (as you’ll see in the images below)
  3. Blush works well with metallics too, both silver and gold
  4. We have chair sashes in blush in a variety of different fabrics and styles whether you want a rich luxe taffeta or a soft romantic chiffon
  5. It’s a very warm colour, welcoming, inviting and romantic
blush chiffon chair sashes

Choose chair sashes in a soft, romantic blush organza

blush taffeta chair sashes

Alternatively you can choose an opulent blush taffeta

Working with an Ambience stylist

One of the joys of working with a stylist is that they will have all the props you need for your blush wedding and will also be able to advise on flowers and other décor items.

Take this blush pink sequin table runner for example. It’s a popular choice that gives an air of glamour and sophistication to wedding tables.

 blush pink sequin tablecloth

A blush pink sequin table runner gives a sparkling base note and works well with metallics

blush pink sequinned cloth

A blush pink sequinned table runner

For a real wow factor, alternate traditional white tablecloths with full blush pink sequinned ones, as seen here. Our stylists will do everything for you to get the effect you’re after.

sequinned tables at wedding

Alternatively our stylists can alternate white cloths with sequinned ones on different tables

Blush pink for summer and winter weddings

This wedding colour is also very versatile when it comes to the time of year you are getting married. If you’re having a June wedding then this soft shade will work beautifully with romantic chiffon bridesmaid dresses, pink rosebuds and long summer evenings.

On the other hand, if you’re marrying in winter you’ll find it a very warm shade that gives a particular ‘glow’ to your wedding reception.

Have candles placed outside in lanterns to welcome guests inside and light their way along paths. In winter this will bring cosiness and in summer candles are very practical for when the sun goes down.

Venues stylists can arrange for your tables to be laid with gold coloured cutlery that will bring the blush hue to the fore. As for flowers, you can choose classic whites, roses or orchids. Our advice would be to choose roses and peonies to co-ordinate in blush pink shades.

candles at wedding

Candles to light the way on a winter or summer evening

Blush ruffled chair sahes

Blush ruffled sashes

The perfect chair dressing

When it comes to chair dressing there are a variety of different styles available in blush. If you want something a little different than a sash tied around the back of your guest chairs, or if you want to decorate the bride and groom’s chairs separately, then have a chat with a stylist to discuss your options.

You may well be surprised at the number of options that are available to you. Of course, you can have taffeta or chiffon drapes. But how about upping the ante with ruffles on your chairs?

For a softl romantic look, your chairs can be draped with a blush chiffon drop which works particularly well if you’re having a vintage styled wedding day.

blush pink lace slips

These lace slips are another way our stylists have of decorating your wedding chairs

blush pink chiffon sashes

Another creation by one of our stylists – here blush pink drops are draped and tied down the chair backs. Note that the blush pink looks wonderful with gilt chairs.

Thinking about place settings

A blush theme can work far beyond the colour of your chair sashes. We’ve already talked about blush pink tablecloths but you can extend the idea through to creating themed place settings for each of your guests.

Have the menu printed on blush pink card or have a blush pink ribbon tied around napkins. Have place names printed on blush pink with a dark gold letter press to add an extra hint of luxury.

blush wedding menu

Blush pink menu

We’d suggest that you go online to look for some ideas, show them to a stylist so that they get a clear idea of what you’re after. Although of course, our stylists are so creative they will have plenty of ideas to inspire you!

Earlier we mentioned that blush pink goes well with metallics. Here our stylist has used gold numbers to identify tables, exactly the sort of prop they will have to hand.


Gold table numbers…

If you like this idea or want to talk some ideas through with a professional, then get in touch with one of our stylists today. They are situated all over the UK, so there will almost certainly be one local to you.