The most popular way to have little ones involved in your wedding is to have them as pageboys and flower girls. If there are young children in your family, or if you’re godparents to a little one, it’s a lovely way to have them join in the celebrations.

However, for the bride and groom, there can be concerns about involving young children in their ceremony. Keeping them on-task can be tough, and you have to keep them happy and entertained throughout the day. Weddings are often long events, starting around lunchtime and ending when the last person has left the dance floor – often past midnight!

If you want to include pageboys and flower girls in your wedding, follow these important tips to make sure the day goes smoothly and the little ones have plenty of fun.


Think about who you are going to ask to be your flower girls

Consider the ages of pageboys and flower girls

Before you allocate the roles of pageboy and flower girl, think about how old the little ones will be on the day of the wedding. If they’re between four and eight years old, you should be fine. If they’re any younger, you might be expecting too much of them. Walking down the aisle alone in front of so many people can be intimidating, and they may not understand the ceremony’s significance.

For very young children, why not have them walk down the aisle with a grown up member of the bridal party? They still get to be involved (and dress adorably) but there’s no pressure on them to ‘perform’.

Older children, between the ages of eight and around thirteen, can also be given roles on the day. If they’re confident, ask them to man the guestbook table, asking guests to sign their thoughts. They can also be given the roles of junior usher or bridesmaid to involve them in the main group.

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A bridal group at an Ambience-styled wedding

Try on outfits beforehand

Children don’t like to be uncomfortable – fact! If they discover on the day (or the day before) that their new shoes are too tight or their outfits are itchy, they may be more likely to be irritable on the day. Make sure children have tried on their outfits well ahead of time so they can be adjusted if necessary.

old fashioned children's games

If it’s a nice day consider an area to be set up with children’s games outside to entertain

Have a designated ‘minder’

Children can become flustered by the hustle and bustle of the bridal party. They also might become bored in the hours leading up to the ceremony. Designate someone attending the wedding to be the ‘minder’ for the flower girls and pageboys, keeping them entertained but calm before the ceremony begins. They can also look after the children throughout the day, taking the pressure off the bride and groom.

How about milk and cookies for kids at your wedding toast? Image Credit Pinterest

Cater for the children

Most venues or suppliers will be happy to provide suitable menu options for children. Not many children appreciate elegant hors d’oeuvres or filet mignon! They will, however, be happy with hamburgers, chicken strips or nuggets, fries, pizza and ice cream. Hungry children are likely to kick up a fuss, so make sure there’s plenty for them to eat.