Crafting is big news at the moment. As is baking – just look at the success of the Great British Bake Off.

All of this might make you very tempted to DIY a lot of your big day, but you need to be careful. Very careful. There are some real wedding DIY don’ts to be thinking about.

We understand that you might need to save money on your wedding budget wherever possible so you can stretch it as far as possible. And even if you’re that rare creature – a bride without a wedding budget, you could want to personalise your wedding with some DIY touches.

Popular items brides DIY include wedding stationery, wedding favours, wedding signage, flowers, wedding transport and maybe even aspects of the day’s catering – including the wedding cake (not that you want it looking like the wedding cake in the picture – a definite wedding DIY fail!)

What other brides say about wedding DIY don’ts

In our experience, there are items that are good to create yourself for your big day and there are other items that are best left to the professionals or delegated to friends and family.

Here’s what some brides we talked to said,

  1. Wedding Music. You’re going to be busy on your wedding day, there’ll be a lot of people you want to catch up with and also, sometimes, you’ll just want to sit and hold hands with your new spouse and just watch the day unfold. Even if you’re a top Club DJ, you don’t want to be organising the music at your wedding reception. Leave it to the experts and enjoy yourself, even if you are a professional musician.
  2. Bridesmaid dresses. Even if you’re a fabulous dress designer this holds true. And we’d also be very wary of dressmaking friends who offer to help. You don’t really know what the dresses are going to look like until they’re finally on your bridesmaids and they may not suit them. Also what if the colour,cut and style are wrong? What if something happens and the dresses don’t get made up in time?  You could end up spending money in any case and paying double. Better to let your girls choose colours and styles that suit them (and you of course) because they’ll look a lot happier and relaxed in your wedding photographs.
  3. Your Wedding Dress. Don’t plan on making your own wedding dress unless you’re a professional fashion designer. Apart from anything else, you’re going to be busy in the lead up to your wedding and trying to make your own wedding dress is really stressful – unless it’s what you do for a living of course. Even then it’s a good idea to be a bit more objective about your look so you really are looking your best.
  4. Your Hair. Book a professional. Get yourself an appointment with a stylist who will come to your house. You can of course show them pictures of what you like (and have a few trial runs beforehand) but you really don’t want to be fiddling about with your hair on the morning of your wedding. It’s pamper time, not DIY time. Relax and enjoy the build-up to your big day.
  5. The Day Itself. If you’ve been doing your own wedding co-ordination and not using a planner, then on the day of your wedding you will need to hand over to your chief bridesmaid or somebody responsible. You don’t want to be doing the final checking of whether the chairs and tables have arrived, whether the flowers are right, whether the caterers have turned up. Make sure you delegate the important parts of your on the day to do list so that you can just relax and enjoy every minute! This is one way in which one of our professional venue stylists can really help you. They will source all the props and accessories you need and check that everything is looking just right. We have stylists up and down the country so there is certain to be somebody who is near you. Why not call for a free, no obligation chat and see what they can do for you?

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