Are you a little bit boho? A little bit alternative? Not much of a traditionalist? Does your other half feel the same way? Did you actually meet one another at a festival and love going to concerts?

Maybe there’s going to be a fair few kids at your wedding and you’re thinking about how to entertain them. And maybe you’re getting married in midsummer and want that to be part of the theming.

In which case a festival-themed wedding day is certainly something you should be thinking about

It’s really best for a wedding that’s going to be held out in the countryside rather than the town and with the help of our stylists you can get rocking that festival vibe to perfection.

First off, let’s think about the Save The Dates.

How about creating festival wristbands with the name of your wedding day and the name of the bride and groom and mailing them all out to your invitees to wear on the big day? That’s certainly a way of getting the festival theme going from the word go.

festival wristband

Use festival style wristbands for save the dates. Image via Wikipedia

Then let’s think about the dress. We like the idea of something a little bit ethnic and ankle length – maybe ditch the veil in favour of a crown of flowers? A festival-themed wedding isn’t really right for a cathedral length veil and formal train. You need to be having some boho fun.

flower crown

A flower crown instead of a veil and tiara would be perfect for a festival bride. Image Flickr Commons

As for your venue, this is where a marquee would come into its own. Put festival style flags outside and dot haybales around for everyone to sit on.

table sign

Our stylists will help you create festival style signage

It’s all about the music

When it comes to music, live bands are really the key. If your budget stretches, have one or two bands that will play different types of music and maybe even one or two stages if you can.

It will also add to the atmosphere if you can have some entertainers walking about. Maybe a stilt walker, a juggler, a conjurer and a magician. Certainly an ice breaker and a great way to keep the kids entertained.

girl taking photograph

You could have a dress theme at your festival style wedding

Festival style weddings are fabulous for kids and adults

Consider giving everyone a goody bag of favours on arrival at the ceremony, so they can deck themselves out in flower crowns, face paint and whatever else you fancy.

You might also want to think about a dress code. People are going to want to look good but this theme doesn’t really suit formal wedding wear. So maybe you could introduce a colour code or a theme like ‘retro’ or of course ask everyone to dress ‘festival’ style.

We’d also advise you to have a photo booth so that your guests can record themselves in all their finery. And put a box of festival-themed props alongside to help them on their way!

What about food at a festival wedding?

Here we’d say that bowl food and/or a barbecue or hog roast is a must. You don’t really want to be having a formal, sit-down kind of a meal.

Festivals are all about food grazing, going from stall to stall picking out what you like. An ice cream van might also be fun here, particularly for kids.

beer bottle

Serve local ales

The same goes for drink too. You could have a cocktail bar with a choice of drinks remember some non-alcoholic ones too and also some barrels of the local beer for authenticity.

Camping out

As for accommodation for your guests, look into hiring teepees. Many venues will offer glamping facilities in the summer so see what’s on offer. Alternatively, your guests could bring tents and just camp out you’ll need to make sure that your venue has got toilet and washing facilities though.

Just remember that you can’t always rely on the great British weather so you’ll need to have a back-up contingency plan in case it rains. So have plenty of brollies handy for people and make sure that there are duck board walkways so that the whole area doesn’t turn into a Glastonbury-style mud bath!

Styling your festival

Our experienced stylists have fantastic imaginations and are experts at working within a budget, so if you like the sound of a festival style wedding then you should definitely get in touch and see what they have to offer. They’ll have a host of props at their disposal, so you won’t have to invest in your own, and will have all sorts of ideas to help you get the look just right. Call for a chat and talk to the stylist near you. You’re under no obligation to take things further and it could be the best wedding call you make!

Our stylists will help you get the festival look perfectly