Interior designers know that to give a space the ‘wow’ factor and make it interesting, there needs to be a focal point.

A focal point is an area that draws the idea and gives a space personality and style. That’s a trick you need to be thinking about for your wedding venue.

In fact, you don’t need to limit yourself to one focal point – depending on the size and shape of your venue and the set-up, you can have several focal points.

wedding aisle

Lanterns and petals make this wedding aisle special

Let’s start off with the ceremony

The aisle is going to be a key focus, you’ll be walking down it with your bridesmaids and back up again with your new spouse.

On the floor, you could have a special wedding aisle runner. This could have a monogram of your initials or your name.

decorated wedding aisle

Decorated Wedding Aisle by Heidi of Ambience Brighton

The side of the aisle also has plenty of potential for decoration. Maybe sprinkle confetti or petals along it (this wouldn’t work if you’re having an outdoor ceremony and it’s going to be windy though).

You could have lanterns placed along the pew or chair ends – an atmospheric touch if you’re getting married in the late afternoon or in winter.

You could also ask your florist to place flowers at the pew ends – if these are in containers then they can be reused at your wedding reception and do double duty.

Thinking about your venue

You’re going to have plenty of different focal points here.

First off, think about where the guests are going to enter. How can you set the scene so that they get an idea of your wedding style and you make the very most of the wedding venue you’ve decided upon?

wedding garland style

Here one of our stylists has styled an entrance for a wedding with garlands

Think about how you can use flowers – and lanterns would also come in useful here.

Another focal point is going to be the table plan. Every guest will be coming along to look at this to see where they are sitting, so pretty it up and make it another focal point. In fact, it may well be one of the first things they look at (people are always curious to see who they are alongside), so you can use it show off the theme of the wedding you’ve chosen.

You’re probably going to be having a top table. This is going to act as the ‘stage’ of much of the reception. People will look at the top table when the speeches are given and of course they’re going to be admiring the bride and groom.

starlight curtain at wedding

Starlight Top Table Skirt & Backdrop

If you think the area behind your top table is a bit lacklustre, then consider having a starlight curtain placed behind it. You can also have a curtain on the skirts covering the table too.

Dress the sides of the table with lavish swags and flowers and consider having the bride and groom’s chairs decorated with different coloured sashes so that they stand out.

You’ll be decorating the guest tables and chairs but what about the space above their heads? Don’t forget about this key area. Add lanterns and room draping and you get a very festive effect (and can disguise a less than attractive ceiling area).

lanterns at wedding

Wedding Styling by Claire of Ambience Berkshire

Your wedding cake is also going to act as a focal point. If you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it (and a bit of wedding budget too) then you’re going to want to show it off to perfection. So maybe add a starlight curtain around the skirts of the table it’s placed upon?

wedding post box

A useful focal point for your wedding reception – for guests who bring greetings cards ..

Some of your guests may well bring cards and gifts to your wedding reception. In which case you’re going to need somewhere to put them safely. A wedding post box is a great idea and again this can act as a focal area (in fact, you need to make your post box obvious so that guests know it’s there!)

As the evening draws in, you may have guests walking outside into the garden. Think about how you can create an atmosphere with lanterns – have them lit as the sun goes down for a wonderfully romantic effect.

wedding garden with lanterns

Styling by Laura of Ambience Surrey

All the images above have been taken at weddings created by our talented stylists. They are artistic and experienced in making the most of any wedding venue so that it looks welcoming and beautiful.

They’ll source props and chat through ideas in your budget range and best of all, there’s almost certainly a stylist who is local to you.

You can find yours here!