The last week has seen some swelteringly hot weather. Temperatures as high as 38°C in some areas of the UK. Which got us thinking about how you can cope with a heatwave on your wedding day.

The first thing to do is to keep an eye on the forecast. If it looks like it’s going to be a blazingly boiling day, then you need to prepare accordingly.

Keeping your cool

Of course, you’ll have your wedding dress all planned out and so there’s not going to be much change there. But one thing you might like to think about adjusting is your hair. If it’s going to be a hot and humid day, having your hair down could make you feel ever warmer, so talk to your hairdresser about a style that takes the hair off your neck, which could help you feel a bit cooler.

Also think about your shoes. Feet tend to swell in the heat, so if you’re wearing court shoes to the ceremony, maybe you could change into some sandals for the reception afterwards.

Make sure you have a small, pretty handbag (your chief bridesmaid can look after this for you). In it you should have a facial mister which you can use to spray on your arms and neck to cool you down put it in the fridge first so it’s chilled.

Also make sure you have a bottle of water to hand and stay hydrated. Keep a check on your make-up and talk to a beautician about make-up that works well in hot weather.

Don’t wilt

Flowers feel the hot weather, so spray your bouquet lightly with water before you set off for the ceremony and make sure that all the floral decorations at the venue are kept well topped up with water (and misted too).

And of course, you’re also going to need to consider your wedding guests.

If they’re going to have to stand outside in the sun for any period of time, perhaps you could supply some colourful parasols for people to shade under. If you’re having a receiving line, maybe it might be an idea to try and move it to an area that’s a little more shaded – perhaps under some trees or high hedges. Talk to your venue about how this can work.

Marquees can get very warm on a hot day, so again, talk to your venue or the marquee provider and arrange for the sides to be lifted so that there is a through breeze. If you’re having a reception inside and it isn’t air-conditioned, ensure that windows are kept open and ask the venue to put electric fans in the corners.

Although champagne, sparkling wine and cocktails are traditional at weddings, don’t forget to ensure that there are plenty of soft drinks offered to your guests. In hot weather people often prefer a long, non-alcoholic drink which is more refreshing.

On your tables, you could put out inexpensive fans at each place setting so that guests can fan themselves, perfect idea for a wedding favour here!

Take the heat off yourself

If you’d like ideas on some other ways for making sure that you have a very ‘cool’ wedding day, even when the thermometer is rising outside, then why not have a friendly chat with one of our experienced wedding stylists?

They’ve planned and styled many weddings so they’ll have plenty of ideas on the best ways of dealing with a heatwave.

Better still, they have a whole host of props and accessories to use so that you won’t have to invest in things that you won’t be needing again.

Maybe you want to set up an ice bar in the heat, talk to them about how this would look and work and they’ll help you to make it a reality.

In addition, having somebody to talk to about getting your wedding look and feel exactly the way you want it to is very reassuring. You can leave the hard work and organisation to somebody else, a professional, and relax and enjoy your wedding day knowing that everything is being handled to perfection.

We have stylists all over the UK, so check out which one is local to you and get in touch. There’s no commitment but you could decide that it was one of the best wedding decisions you made!

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