This week we’re bringing you some updates on trends that are being seen at weddings right now.

Read on and we’ll tell you how to get the look and how our stylists can help you.


Lanterns to dress up the entrance…

Lanterns are BIG news

It doesn’t really matter what time of year you’re getting married, lanterns always make the perfect wedding prop. You can use them outside on a frosty winter night to cosy up the entrance. In the spring and autumn they will add a romantic glow to the time of the evening when dusk starts to fall. And in summer they’ll give a real festival vibe to your celebration and can create a pathway for guests or light up a garden bench for sitting on.

Our stylists will source the lanterns for you and put them in just the right spot. They’ll also provide the candles too, in whatever colour suits your wedding décor or if your venue doesn’t allow naked flame we can arrange for LED pillar candles too. That’s that sorted then.

So may ways you can use lanterns, as you can see from this wedding styled by our Buckinghamshire stylists.

So many ways you can use lanterns, as you can see from this wedding styled by our Buckinghamshire stylist.

Chalkboards make signs simply pretty

Wedding chalkboard

Chalkboards are really popular now

Every wedding needs some signage. Your guests are going to want to know where to park, where the cloakroom is, where the chill-out area is and of course where the wedding reception is.

You can pretty up your signs effectively by asking your stylists to use chalkboards. They’ll get the writing done in a style that suits your theme and decorate the chalkboards with flowers, photographs or whatever will enhance the theming of your wedding day.

Chalkboards became popular at weddings in the USA a few years ago and it’s a trend we’re seeing more and more of over here. Bring it on, because they look fabulous.

Macaroons as wedding favours

Lilac, pink, lemon, pale greens… macaroons come in perfect pastels

One way you’ll really appreciate our stylists is when you see just how creative and original they can be with your chosen colour theme. Take macaroons for example. In the image above you can see that the bride has chosen a wedding table in shades of summer pinks and our stylist has sourced macaroon wedding favours in matching colours.

How perfect is that? Macaroons are delicious and soooo pretty.  They’re perfect when you’re having a pastel-themed wedding and also come in more vibrant colours if that’s what you would prefer.

Many brides have now switched to offering guests a little parcel of macaroons rather than sugared almonds and we hear that the change seems to be going down very well at wedding receptions!

Rustic crates

Wedding ceremony styling including crates… Image Credit Hannah McClune Photography

Wooden crates are being used to give a rural country feel to more and more weddings. Here a stylist has used them to dress up the aisle for a wedding ceremony, although there are so many different ways to use crates. For example:

  • Filled with vases of wild flowers and placed along a walkway into a marquee
  • A few rustic crates can be used as a wedding gift table
  • You can pile cushions and blankets into them if you’re having a barn wedding for guests to help themselves to later when the evening starts to chill
  • You can have them personalised with your names and the dates of your wedding and keep them as a memento afterwards.

Our stylists will be able to source wooden crates for you and personalise them too. And if you want them in a natural or painted finish that’s no problem either. Just talk through the effect you’re after and they will make it happen.

Multiple groups of flowers

flowers at wedding

A simple and perfect arrangement by one of our stylists

Who says you have to stick to one large vase of flowers on your wedding table? Today our stylists are creating table centres in all shapes and forms. Our most popular options are three or more small vases of flowers grouped together sometimes in a single colour and sometimes co-ordinated to the theme. It’s always important that flowers don’t obscure your guests’ view across the table which would stop them talking to one another. So in this case little vases with posy type arrangements are great and spot on for a rural or country style wedding day.

Although you will probably have a florist, our stylists have some great ideas at presenting flowers in different ways, and so it’s certainly worth talking to them too.

Enthusiastic and approachable

One thing you will find is that our stylists are friendly, approachable and ready to listen to all your ideas. So get in touch today, it doesn’t hold you to anything but you will find out what the hot wedding news is just now!