Look at A-listers on the red carpet and you’ll see that they’ve got their poses picture perfect and ready to be snapped.

Although you probably don’t want to look quite like that in your wedding photographs, there’s a lot that brides can learn from the way that the professionals pose.

Why you need to stand a certain way

  • Stand up and you’ll look elegant, slim and poised
  • You’ll look more confident
  • You’ll show off your beautiful wedding dress to best effect
  • You’ll be proud of your wedding photographs
  • You’ll just look better all around

Things to remember

First off, let’s think about the way you stand. In the run up to your wedding day, it might in fact be worth practising your ‘deportment’. This is a rather old-fashioned expression for how you stand and walk.

You don’t want to walk down the aisle, head down, as though you are running to catch the best of the January sales. No, you want to glide down like the beautiful princess you are.

Walk looking straight ahead; shoulders back, pulling in your core. Try and imagine that there is a string attached to your head pulling you up, that will keep your chin nicely raised. It’s worth practising your walk around the house, especially if you’re planning on wearing high heels and you’re not used to them. You don’t want to be staggering or tripping up the aisle!

On the other hand, it’s not a good idea to wear completely flat shoes on your wedding day, unless of course you are marrying on a sandy beach and going barefoot or wearing sandals. A bit of a heel is easier to walk in and will help you to glide, rather than stride.

How to stand

When you’re standing at the altar and for your photographs, remember to stand up straight. Don’t let yourself be round-shouldered as it’s really not a good look.

Instead, picture a broom handle between your shoulder blades and try and push your shoulder blades towards it. This will open up your shoulders and make the best of your bust line. Again, pull in that tummy!

When you’re in front of the photographer, try and put your hips slightly sideways onto the photographer, with one foot a bit in front of the other. This gives a much more flattering angle to images. Lean back just a fraction and put that head up. If you can, don’t let yourself be photographed front on, always act like a supermodel and turn just a little bit.

Showing off your flowers, your wedding dress and your beautiful ring

You’ll have spent a lot of time picking out your wedding dress so make sure it looks wonderful in your photographs.

Hold your flowers at hip level to one side, not placed directly in front of you at waist length. Again this gives a more flattering line and enables you to show off a beautifully decorated wedding dress bodice.

If you hold your flowers in front of your tummy, you’ll hide the embroidery and you’re also more likely to look slouched in your photographs. So hold them to the side, something to practice in the mirror at home. You could substitute your hairbrush for flowers!

Remember to put your ring hand above the other when your bouquet is being photographed so you show off your gorgeous sparklers.

Brides who have got it right

We were very impressed with Pippa Middleton’s look on her wedding day. There’s a great photograph of her taken from the side and she is standing beautifully. Her wedding veil looked wonderful, as did her flowers and her dress. Take a tip from her.

And finally

Even though you may be feeling a bit nervous and stressed, don’t forget to smile! This is your wedding day and you should be having a wonderful time. If you’re worried about things going wrong then put them to the back of your mind as any anxiety will show on your face and you certainly don’t want that.

Take a deep breath, count to 10 and let your radiant happiness shine through!