New Year’s Resolutions, dry January, Detoxing, Diets…

Just some of the things January brings after the relentless partying of Christmas.

But actually that’s why you should seriously think about getting hitched in the first month of the year. Here are some reasons.

bride and groom in stately home

Most people’s social lives are quiet in January – so they’d love to be invited to a fabulous wedding

There are no parties to go to. So you hold one. Your wedding.

January can be a bit quiet on the social front and after the first week or so it’s starting to get a bit dull. So how about giving everybody a fabulous wedding to look forward to? Unlike in the summer months, wedding fatigue won’t have set in and giving your friends and family the opportunity to dress up on a dark winter day and dance the night away with lights, music, delicious food and drink and great company. Well, what’s not to like?

January wedding lanterns

A January wedding will light up a dull month

People will probably be around

Get married in the summer months and you have to work your way around pre booked holidays, school holidays, wedding venues that have been booked years in advance to say nothing of photographers/florists/chauffeurs etc… It’s quite a different story if you have a January wedding. The majority of your family and friends are likely to be in the country and ready and willing to be entertained. So that’s a sure fire recipe for success.

sparkling wedding theme

Winter weddings are all about light and fun

It’ll be easier to get the suppliers you want

Come the beginning of the year and many photographers/florists/venues are giving special offers on rates and will be scouting around for work. This is where you come in, investigate and then look for deals. This is particularly relevant if you’re having something of a last-minute wedding. Have a look at venues and you may find that your choices are wide open, particularly if you’re having a mid-week wedding in January. You’ll also be likely to save some money on your budget because venues and other suppliers will be keen to have your business and more open to negotiation. Try negotiating a price in the summer months and you’re unlikely to get very far.


You can make your venue super cosy

In January you might have snow and frost. So you might get a picturesque white wedding day. We’re thinking blazing log fires in the entrance to your venue, rows of sparkling fairy lights shimmering in the frosty air, hot chocolate and mulled wine handed to guests on arrival, dark afternoons lit up with candles, romantic capes for the bride and rich velvets to keep the bridesmaids warm… You get the idea.

bride in fur shrug

Brides should cosy up in capes at a January wedding

Winter food is fabulous

Summer weddings often mean salads, salmon and cold buffets. Now there’s nothing the matter with any of that but a January wedding gives you the opportunity to offer some seriously delicious winter food. We’re thinking a buffet with hearty casseroles, mugs of soup, rich winter flavours, hot apple pies with winter spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Find your caterer and talk about winter food. There’s plenty of delicious fruit and vegetables in season during the winter months too, so you can do your bit to be eco-friendly and eat local.

sparkling winter wedding table

Winter means sparkle

Winter themes

We’ve written about winter wedding themes before and you can read more here. Suffice to say that if you’re marrying in winter then your whole theme can be based around sparkling gold, silver, metallics or deep winter colours like burgundy, forest green, plum, scarlet and of course winter whites. Something to be thinking of when you’re dressing your tables, choosing your wedding stationery and deciding on how your bridesmaids are going to be dressed.

Feeding your guests

Remember that you can get married in the UK up until 6pm nowadays and so a January wedding can also save you money. Get married late in the day and you only have to feed your guests once. Unlike at a summer wedding that starts at lunchtime or early afternoon when you’ll have to supply lunch, afternoon tea and an evening meal.

As you can see, there are so many plus points to having a January wedding that it’s really worth thinking about.