So what exactly is a jewel wedding theme?

Well, it’s when you use jewel colours like emerald, sapphire, rubies, topaz and aquamarine as your wedding colours.

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It’s a good choice when you can’t make up your mind which colour you like the best because jewel colours always work well when used together.

Use jewel shades for your maids

You can mismatch your bridesmaids dresses by choosing jewel colours. Dress some in yellow, some in emerald, some in sapphire blue and some in ruby red. Let them decide which colours they can choose, depending on which colours suit them best.

jewel coloured bridesmaid dresses

These bridesmaids show how to do jewel colours in style. Image via Dessy Group.

If not bridesmaid dresses, then chose jewel coloured shoes

Well, maybe you are a bit of a traditionalist at heart and you think that you would like your bridesmaid to be dressed in the same colour but you’re happy for them to wear multi-coloured shoes. This is when jewel wedding colours work really well. Let one girl wear emerald, another blue, another hot pink and so on. Wearing different coloured shoes will look great in your wedding photographs! 

Use jewel shades for your stationery

Announce your colour scheme from the word go by choosing bright jewel shades for your wedding invitations.

Think emerald, bright blue, aquamarines or choose jewel colours for your envelopes, or the calligraphy. Be creative!

Rich ruby red wedding sashes

What about the interior of your wedding?

When are you getting married? At what time of the year? If you’re marrying in the depths of winter, then a rich ruby red would be fabulous as a wedding theme for your tables. You can choose rich red sashes for your chairs; have rich red roses on your tables and dark red napkins.

If you’re marrying in spring, then you might like to think along the lines of a fresh topaz yellow or emerald green.

Tiffany blue wedding chair sashes

Aquamarines for summer wedding day

In summer, you could go for pale blue aquamarine or a sapphire shade.  In autumn, you could opt for a garnet to echo the russet all around and dress your bridesmaids in shades of garnet too.

If you want your wedding chairs to be dressed in these colours then get in touch, because our stylists have shades in just about every shade you can imagine!


Talk to your florist about this one but you’re going to have no problem with flowers in these colour combinations. Delphiniums come in every shade of blue from turquoise through to a rich sapphire. Roses in every shade from pink rose diamonds through to ruby red…

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Pre-wedding cocktails also need thinking about

If you want to be a little different at your wedding, you could have cocktails served from trays instead of wine. To keep in with your jewel theme you could have cocktails made with blue Curacao, or crème de menthe as well as serving a red wine. Talk to your caterer about what would work well.

Macaroons conveniently come in several jewel colours and make perfect wedding favours. Or you could have a pyramid of macaroons served alongside coffee and tea, with your wedding cake.

You could also have layers of your wedding cake iced in different jewel colours or have those shades embedded on each layer of the icing.

A jewel wedding theme is actually remarkably versatile as well as being eye catching. You can choose just one or two shades or mix them all together. It won’t date either.

If you’re a flamboyant sort of a person with a confident style, then this wedding theme could be just what you’ve been waiting to discover.