It was probably Kate Middleton who revitalised the idea of using lace for weddings. Her big day dress by Alexander McQueen was a romantic lace confection and a timeless classic and that lace bodice has inspired countless brides ever since. Oh and her sister Pippa opted for lace too.

So why is lace just such a great wedding choice?

  • It’s romantic
  • It’s classic and classy
  • It works well at both a city wedding and a more rustic style day
  • It never goes out of fashion
  • You can dye it in different colours
  • You can buy lace in different widths and lengths to DIY some of your wedding
  • It’s very versatile
  • You can wrap lace around your wedding cake tiers
  • Use it to tie your bouquet
  • Have lace sashes for your bridesmaids
  • Wear lace shoes
  • Have a lace effect wedding cake
  • Use lace as a theme for your wedding invitations
  • You could take some lace detail from your mother’s (or grandmother’s) wedding dress and have it put in your own dress
  • A fitted lace shrug over a strapless dress can give you two different looks for your wedding day. Wear the lace shrug for the ceremony, then take it off for the evening party. A useful tip if you want to stay more covered for the religious part of the day but have your heart set on a strapless wedding gown.
lace wedding theme

Such a simple way to transform the look of a wedding

We could go on and on. But all this just shows how much inspiration lace offers. It’s always to be seen on the catwalks, year after year. Where would Dolce & Gabbana be without it? White and ivory lace is a perennial favourite for brides but then red, navy and black lace details are often seen around Christmas on party dresses.

If you’ve been watching ‘Victoria’ on Sunday nights on television, you’ll have noticed how popular lace collars were for women and in fact, the Royal Family has always loved wearing lace.

lace wedding cake

A wedding cake decorated in a lace style is so, so pretty…

Styling your wedding with lace

Let’s think about your dress first. You can use lace as much or as little as you want. Have a wedding dress that’s made entirely from lace from a lace bodice through to the skirt and with a lace veil. Or, you can use it as a trim on your veil, your bodice, your shoes, your sleeves.

We’ve always said that it’s best to keep an open mind when you go wedding dress shopping, so if you like the idea of a wedding day inspired by lace, then try on several lace dresses and different veils until you’ve got the kind of look that suits you.

lace bridesmaid dresses

Lace would look wonderful on your bridesmaids too. (Dresses by Dessy.)

And of course, your wedding invitations can start things off by having a lace theme.

lace wedding invitation

How wonderful would it be to receive this beautiful invitation? Created by EmbellishedPaperie on Etsy.

As for your wedding reception and the church, there are so many ways to weave lace into the styling of the day, as some of these weddings created by our stylists show.

rustic wedding lace

Lace and hessian go together perfectly on this rustically styled wedding day


A spectacular wedding aisle and a blush wedding theme

In the image above, the dark wood of the pews are lightened by lace ties which create a beautiful frame for the bridal aisle.

Blush is a popular colour for weddings and the image here shows a blush wedding theme paired with ivory lace a colour combo that works fabulously together, particularly if you’re after a dreamy, romantic kind of a look.

Lace wedding theme

Working the look with lace chair covers

We’re great fans of high vases for floral centrepieces, as the flowers look wonderful but are high enough not to interrupt the flow of conversation across the table.

You can see two quite differently styled weddings here. The one at the top is in quite a formal setting, in a manor house. The bride has chosen floral chandelier centrepieces. By contrast, the wedding below is in a much more rural and rustic building, with natural stone walls instead of wood panelling.

However, what you can see is how well the lace sashes work in both settings. This just goes to show that lace has a place at just about every different type of wedding!