You may have every wedding planning app going and you may also have been a compulsive list maker throughout your engagement.

However, it’s still not unknown for even the most organised brides to overlook one or two wedding details that need to be sorted, particularly at the last minute when you may be confident that you have put everything in place. After all, you may have been planning your wedding for the last year or even longer.

To help you on your way, here’s our checklist of items to ensure that you’ve remembered.

Make sure you know when your wedding flowers are arriving

Know when items are arriving

Create a timed spreadsheet so that you know when everything is going to be delivered like flowers, the wedding cake, wine etc. It’s usually a good idea to have deliveries made before the wedding so you can chase up if something doesn’t arrive when it should. Refer back to your payments made to see whether you have already paid for something that hasn’t arrived.

First dance at wedding

Have you sorted your first dance music?

Sort out your playlist

One thing you might not have thought of is a list of tunes that you really don’t want to have played at your wedding and reception. There may be a style of music that really isn’t to your taste so let the DJ or band know so that they can avoid it. Or any particular songs that send shivers down your spine for all the wrong reasons.

Make sure you have chosen your arrival music, your first dance music and any other songs special to you.

Chase up guests

Not everybody will RSVP by the date you have chosen. So set aside some time to chase up non-respondents to discover whether or not they are coming along to your big day. You might like to phone them to do this. In that way, if they can’t come at least you will have a chance to chat and catch up.

When you’ve worked your way through your list, you should send your final numbers through to your caterer and the venue.

Are all your documents up to date?

Is your passport still valid? Does it have six months on it before it expires? Some countries insist on this before letting you clear passport control.

If you want to make sure you go on your dream honeymoon, you need to make sure that you haven’t thought about your passport until the last minute. It has happened you know!

first dance

Try on your wedding outfit a few days before your big day

Does your wedding dress fit?

Have you been on a major diet or fitness regime in the run-up to your wedding day? Or have you been so stressed out you haven’t been able to eat. On the other hand, you could have gained a bit of weight.

It’s well worth trying on all your wedding clothes a few days before the wedding not forgetting underwear, shoes and maybe jewellery to make sure everything is comfortable and goes together. Then you’ll still have time to have some adjustments made if necessary.

Honeymoon checks

Have a look at your travel itinerary and check to see if there have been any changes with your airline or hotel. Have you prebooked airport parking? Sorted a taxi to the airport? Double-checked that you are getting a lift? Make sure you’ve left plenty of time to catch your flight too.


Are you packing the right clothes for your honeymoon? Check the weather forecast in your destination to make sure that you’ve got some spare hot clothes or warm clothes just in case. What about toiletries? Do you need to pack over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol? Will you need insect repellent?

candles at wedding

Make sure someone is in charge of lighting candles

Have a checker

By which we mean someone responsible for wedding details like making sure that the oldies are being looked after, the candles have been lit, the flowers have been watered, particularly if the weather is hot, and that the pen by the guestbook works properly!

Beauty treatments

A real no-no is to have a facial in the few days before your wedding day. You run the risk of your skin breaking out in pimples or being red. Play it safe and have a facial at least a week beforehand. On the other hand, you can have a massage, manicure and pedicure a couple of days before the wedding itself which are all good ways in which to relax and treat yourself. Book your chief bridesmaid in as well as a thank-you. That would be a very thoughtful gesture, particularly if she’s done a lot to support you!