On your wedding day, more than any other, you’re going to want your bridal lingerie to look the most beautiful and gorgeous ever.

And on your wedding day, your lingerie is not only going to have to look pretty, it’s got to do a great job too.

You need to be thinking about the following:

  • How it fits
  • How it feels
  • How it supports you
  • How invisible it is under your wedding dress
  • What colour it should be

What bridal lingerie do you actually need?

If you’re having a bridal gown made to measure then it’s almost certainly going to have a built-in bodice, particularly if it’s strapless. So you may not need to wear a bra or a basque.

Although, if you’re well-endowed, your bridal shop may suggest a bra for extra support and confidence.

Talk to your bridal designer and see what they suggest. Also ask them about underwear colours, would a white shade look better or a nude shade maybe even a soft pink?

If you’re wearing a dark wedding dress in a dramatic shade like aubergine or scarlet and some brides do of course, then another shade of underwear altogether may be called for.

Some brides like to match up their underwear to their wedding theme. Just remember that nude is often the best option to match your skin tone as bright white can show up underneath sheer fabrics.

In fact, always buy your bridal lingerie after you have chosen your dress, not before.

When you go wedding dress shopping or for a planned fitting, take some existing bras and underwear with you for support and then splash out on something new and gorgeous when you have decided on the dress.

Bridal lingerie

Strapless or a nude shape wear body. It depends on your wedding dress. Underwear by Ultimo

Getting fitted for lingerie

Your bridal designer may also be able to recommend a good local corsetiere or lingerie shop who will be able to measure you properly.

Remember that most women are wearing the wrong bra size. A recent survey commissioned by a leading bra manufacturer found an incredible 80% of women are wearing an incorrect size.

Your bra size will fluctuate according to your weight and your muscle tone. So if you’ve been on a pre-wedding diet and fitness campaign, then it’s time to get fitted properly.

Where can you get measured? A good lingerie shop will do this for you, as will larger branches of shops like Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser (you may need to make an appointment, so just check).

bridal gown

Your bridal lingerie should be invisible and make your dress look its very best

Strapless or a basque?

Having bra straps or supportive underwear showing on your wedding day is a major no-no. So if you’re buying your wedding dress from a High Street store and taking it home straight away, or if you’re buying it online, you need to go out shopping with it to discover some underwear that suits.

Hit the shops with your dress in town and go to some good department stores to try on different underwear with it to see what works best. Better still, go to a dedicated lingerie shop. They’ll know at a glance what would show the dress off to it’s best effect.

For example, if you’re chosen a slinky, satin free-flowing number (like Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress) then you need to be sure that the skirts flow down without even the slightest hint of a vpl (that’s a visible panty line in case you didn’t know).

Be confident in your support

You’ll need supportive underwear that’s invisible when you’re wearing your dress. Which means that your underwear should be in sheer fabrics without seams.

On the other hand, if your dress is a bit more structured, then you can go for something a bit more detailed with lace, under wiring, panels and the like. Maybe a basque even.

It’s always good to have back-up underwear too. Buy two pairs of stockings in the colours you’ve chosen or an extra pair of hold-ups.

Obviously you’re going to want to look gorgeous for your new spouse, but it may be worth buying some extra lingerie for your honeymoon and wedding night. For example, if your bridal gown demands shape wear, then you can wear that with your dress (and be confident you’re looking good in it) and then swap it for something a bit more alluring later on!