It’s your big moment. That moment when you step inside the venue and take the nerve racking long walk down the aisleā€¦

It’s a journey in life and you’re going to need the right music to set you on your way.

So what should your arrival music be?

  • It should reflect your personality and that of your partner-to-be
  • It should be joyful and upbeat
  • It should be classic and timeless
  • It should be inoffensive
  • It should literally strike a chord with everybody there
  • It should be memorable for all the right reasons
  • It should mean something to you both

How to decide

Here is some classic wedding music for walking down the aisle. Listen up and see what will suit you.

If you’re looking for something regal and dramatic, then this is for you. Imagine sweeping down the aisle with your train flowing behind you, and your bridesmaids following behind. You’ll feel like Kate Middleton on her wedding day. Although this version is played by a string quartet, it also sounds wonderful being played on the organ. The perfect choice if you’re having a traditional church wedding.

This is the classic “Here comes the bride” music and as soon as everyone hears the opening chords, they will all look backwards up the aisle to catch their first glimpse of the bride in all her glory. There’s no mistaking what this classic piece is announcing!

Perhaps you’ve opted for a small, more intimate kind of a wedding day. You might be getting married in a boutique hotel or somewhere quiet in the countryside in which case this lovely work could fit your surroundings well. It’s low key, discreet and easy to keep time to as you make that memorable walk. You also don’t hear it too much at weddings, so it is a little bit different.

Here’s a choice that’s very romantic and very contemporary. If you want to have a musician playing live at your wedding, then this could be a good choice of song. Just check the instruments they offer first so you can get the right sound.

It’s a tune that could also work well as you walk back down the aisle with your new spouse, just in case you’re looking for ideas for that too.

Now here’s something that’s a bit funkier but still appropriate for walking down the aisle. Any song that is called “Lovely Day” has to be right for your wedding day.

Remember that although some of these songs, like this one, have words, you can have them played just as an instrumental. You may feel that words aren’t appropriate for the setting but love the tune. In which case, choose the song for the tune – the perfect compromise.

Finally, don’t forget about music from films. There are many movie soundtracks that would work wonderfully at a wedding. We think this one from The Sound of Music is a perfect case in point. Just about everyone has seen the film so hearing this music is sure to bring a tear to the eye!

Deportment lesson

Whichever music you choose, remember that when you do walk down the aisle, all eyes are going to be on you. So you need to be sure that you are walking elegantly and gracefully. Here are some tips:

  • Walk looking straight ahead, don’t look at your feet
  • Pull in your core and push your shoulders back
  • Imagine a string is pulling your head up
  • Pull in your tummy
  • Hold your bouquet in front of you on a level with your hip
  • Make sure you have worn in your wedding shoes beforehand by wearing on the carpet at home
  • If your shoes have leather soles, scratch them so you don’t slip
  • If you’re wearing heels and you don’t normally, make like a supermodel and practice walking in heels before your big day
  • If you’re wearing stilettos and marrying in church, make a note beforehand of any grates in the floor, so you don’t catch your heel
  • Look confident and smile!