The chances are that you’re the bride-to-be who’s reading this. But having happy bridesmaids is all part of having a successful, memorable wedding day that runs just the way you want it to.

So we’ve spoken to a few bridesmaids about what they wish the bride was aware of. Being asked to be a bridesmaid is certainly an honour. But as soon as the question is asked, many bridesmaids start wondering about what exactly is entailed and what they are in for. Read on and prepare for some surprises.

Being given a dress to wear without any consultation is a NIGHTMARE!

Girls come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall and skinny. Others are short and voluptuous. Some have sporty figures and others have legs they’d rather hide. So being told that all the bridesmaids are wearing the same dress may not always be exactly what a girl wants to hear. What suits the tall, lanky model figure isn’t going to look so great on a girl who’s a shade over five foot and petite. So what’s the solution? Well, miss-matched bridesmaids dresses are right on trend for a good reason. Let your girls wear different necklines that suit their figures and have different styles of skirt so that they can choose a dress that flatters their best bits and disguises the not-so-good. Worrying about the photographs? Well remember that you can choose mismatched dresses in the same shade or go for an ombre effect, which is when you have the same shade but in different colour graduations for example from pale pink going down to a deep rose. That way you’ll be dressing the girls to suit both their figures and their colouring.


Miss-matched bridesmaids dresses can look amazing. Frocks by Dessy, image by Matthew Morgan photography

Am I going to have to spend endless evenings helping my bride DIY her wedding?

This is a big no-no. You may be planning a DIY wedding but don’t expect to take up your bridesmaids’ time endlessly churning out paper flowers, table decorations, DIY wedding invitations and the like. An evening or two of DIY wedding preparation is fun, that’s fine but don’t overdo it. Take a realistic look at what aspects of your DIY wedding you can expect to do and plan accordingly. Items like DIY wedding invitations don’t always work out cheaper anyway, once you’ve gone to the craft shop and bought all the sequins, coloured paper, metallic pens that you’ll need. And if you’re not artistic the end result could fall short of what you want. In fact, using the services of one of our wedding stylists can save you plenty in the long run as you won’t have to search for endless props.

If you’re the bride, you’ll need to be diplomatic on this one. Don’t overdo the endless chatter about your wedding. Do ask your single bridesmaids to bring a plus-one if they’d like to or better still, arrange for them to meet some of the groom’s single male friends in the weeks before your wedding, so they can get to know one another before your big day.

I really don’t want to be a bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid can put a girl under the obligation of feeling that she has to say yes, whereas she’d really rather take more of a back seat at your wedding. So when you ask a friend, state outright that if she doesn’t want to be one of your maids then you’re disappointed but you understand. Some girls would rather help behind the scenes – like taking charge of your wedding emergency bag (with tights, tissues, hairspray, lipstick etc.) or helping to round up the young flower girls and pageboys for the photographs.

young flowergirls

Flower girls at a wedding we styled… Remember to always have some older bridesmaids to look after the little ones

I live abroad and can’t really afford to fly back for the wedding

This is another thing a bride should be sensitive about when asking a girl to be a bridesmaid. If the person in question lives in Australia or the United States then that’s a substantial outlay. Try and give your maids as much notice as possible before the wedding so that they can possibly make it part of the holiday and if they can’t come, then don’t take it personally. They’ll be disappointed too.


Ruffled table cover

Just one of the weddings we have styled recently

At Ambience Venue Styling we’ve helped many brides put together their dream wedding so we’ve got a lot of experience in what is involved in the run-up. Our job isn’t just to make the venue look amazing – we’re also there to offer the bride advice and be a shoulder to lean on. We have stylists all over the country so there’s certain to be one near you. Getting in touch doesn’t commit you to anything, so contact us today and see how we can help you.