You may have been planning your big day for ages. Have all the details in your head about how you want everything to look, your dress, the music, the flowers, in fact everything…

But it’s important to relax a bit, not get too obsessional about all the details being exactly as you want. Because if you get like that you’re in danger of turning into a dreaded bridezilla!

By all means plan your wedding but don’t let it take over your life for months on end. Remember that the most important thing is that you are marrying the partner of your dreams and spending your life together, you don’t want to let any wedding obsessions spoil this.

10 warning signs that you’re turning into a bridezilla

  1. You get really cross when your partner doesn’t want to talk weddings and would rather watch sport on TV or meet with friends. Give your partner a break. And in fact, you should talk about things other than your forthcoming wedding in any case. We’re not saying you shouldn’t discuss it, just give it a time frame and a time limit and then get on with living your lives. Maybe set aside half an hour or so at the weekend to run through stuff – and then leave it.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  2. You turn into a control freak. Let your other half get involved a bit. If your partner wants to choose the wine, have a say in the food, the transport and who is invited, then let them.
  3. Not letting your bridesmaids have a say in what they’re going to be wearing. Don’t just present them with your choice of frocks and expect them to be happy – give them a selection to choose from and remember mismatching is right on trend.
  4. You insist that your friends, family and bridesmaids help you with DIY and wonder why they aren’t as excited as you are about spending endless evenings crafting wedding invitations, place names, wedding favours etc etc. One evening asking the girls to help out is fine – but limit it. Oh, and provide some delicious refreshments too to help make the evening FUN!
  5. You decide to have a complicated (and potentially expensive) dress theme for your big day. Really, many people don’t like fancy dress so if you insist that everybody dresses up as superheroes you may not quite have the turnout you’re looking for. If you really want to theme things, you could just go for a colour – like blue. Most people have something blue in their wardrobes.
  6. You become obsessed by posting updates on your Facebook page and tell your friends off if they don’t ‘like’ them. Also beware, people who aren’t invited to your wedding may see your Facebook updates and be a bit hurt/feel left out.
  7. You constantly offer your single friends sympathy that they haven’t got a partner. Don’t rub it in. They could well be very happy being single and if they’re not,well sympathy doesn’t really help. You’ll just irritate them.
  8. You don’t accept any advice from anyone. Have your own ideas certainly but it’s also good to keep your options open and not to be fixed in your views. Have a no obligation discussion with one of our wedding stylists to see what they can suggest in the way of décor.
  9. You boast about how the wedding is costing you a fortune. That’s really in bad taste. Don’t go on about it – if it’s bothering you that much you’re probably spending far more than you can afford in any case.
  10. You don’t provide a list of options for accommodation. You may want everybody to stay at the luxurious country house hotel you’re marrying in but for some it may just not be an option. You need a broad spread of accommodation – from modest bed and breakfasts through to luxurious local spas. Do a bit of research, get some group room rates and everybody will be a lot happier.

Our advice is just keep your feet on the ground and remember what’s important about your wedding day. It’s easy to lose yourself in the wedding planning and become completely obsessed over whether you have exactly the right shade of pink for your roses, whether you invitations reflect your wedding theme sufficiently and whether you have chosen the right icing for your wedding cake.

Just remember that on your wedding day there are bound to be a few things that don’t go exactly to plan – like the weather for example – and you really can’t control everything. So go with the flow and don’t forget to enjoy your big day!