We absolutely LOVE helping brides-to-be plan their weddings. Everything from getting that first to-do list right through to the finishing touches to the reception just before the guests walk in.

We’ve written weekly hints and tips for brides throughout 2016 and here’s a round-up of the posts that brides found most helpful, judging by the feedback we received. We’ve talked about colours, wedding style, looking after guests, keeping calm… there’s not much we haven’t covered to be honest.

1920's Theme Photography by Happily Ever Captured

1920’s Theme (Happily Ever Captured Photography)

1. Ideas for a black and white wedding theme

This one’s classy, stylish and actually relatively easy to put together because you only have two colours to think about and they go perfectly. And if you’re thinking: “That’s all very well, but how do I find black wedding flowers?” then read on and discover what’s on offer to you.

Ornate Frame Table Numbers

White ornate table number frame…

2. Vintage wedding inspiration

Lace, pearls, candles… Vintage weddings are still a style pick and as popular as ever, although the trick is to make the big day your own with some personal touches. Here we show you how to get the look and the key pieces you need to be thinking about.

bridesmaids in pink dresses

Image via The Wedding Chicks on Pinterest

3. How to choose the best wedding dress for YOU

No pressure here. You just want your bridal gown to make you look and feel beautiful and flattered in all the right ways. Choosing the right dress is key and here we tell you how to go about it and how not to make a mistake that you’ll regret. It’s all about going in with an open mind when you start shopping…


Beware of the bridezilla effect. Image Wikipedia

4. Ways of avoiding becoming a bridezilla

We know it’s stressful, getting engaged, planning a wedding, keeping both sides of the family happy, getting fit, keeping to the diet, deciding on bridesmaids, how to decorate the cake etc. we could go on. If you’re not careful you might fall into the ‘bridezilla’ zone which is basically when you become obsessed with your wedding day, turn into a control freak and possibly end up losing all your friends. This is how not to go there.

5. One of our stylists gets married!

It’s always interesting to see how the experts plan their own wedding. So here’s an in-depth look at the big day of one of our wedding stylists. What colours did she choose? How did she decorate her venue? Is there anything she was particularly pleased with? Take a look at the photographs and decide for yourself. We think she handled it all to perfection.

boho bride and groom

One style doesn’t suit all!

6. Your wedding style is boho. 

And the last thing you want is a formal, sit-down three course meal kind of a wedding day. You want to do things differently. Create a bit of a drama in all the right ways. Be original and most of all be true to yourself. Maybe you’re a little bit of a festival goer and want to include some festival aspects to your big day. Here’s some inspiration for different styles of wedding and they’re all a little bit bohemian.

inexpensive wedding themes

Image Outreachr.com

7. Things you only understand if you’re a bridesmaid 

Sometimes it’s good to look at things from somebody else’s point of view. Your chief bridesmaid is likely to be somebody you know and trust to be there for you on your big day. Maybe a sister, a cousin or a best friend. Whoever it is, they’re going to be on the inside track in the build-up to your wedding. Here’s what they’re likely to be thinking as they’re helping you get things sorted.


Marquee Wedding, Photography by Dan Dalton

8. The lights of love

Interior designers have always known that lighting is crucial to creating a mood and atmosphere in a space. And lighting also plays a key role at weddings and wedding receptions. Here we show you how to use illuminated strings of lights and letters to enhance even the most lacklustre venue and how lights can turn your wedding photographs from being ordinary to being extraordinary.

Pale pinks and golds for this wedding theme...

Pale pinks and golds for this wedding theme…

9. A blush pink wedding 

If you’re a bit of a romantic and have a very feminine style, then this one might be for you. Plenty of ideas here to catch your attention and spark the imagination.