As a Venue Stylist you can imagine the amount of people I will come into contact with but one thing I have noticed and that is becoming popular with brides and grooms is the involvement of their beloved pets within their wedding ceremony.

Is your pet coming to your wedding?

I have been asked on quite a few occasions about involving pets so I thought I would put together a couple of options that you really do need to consider if you do want your pet at your wedding.

Pets certainly do become part of the family and families involve them in all activities with pets even now having their own Birthday party celebrations, Christmas gifts and more, so why not involve them in your important day.

  1. You do need to consider your pet’s personality and how they will react to the situation you will be putting them in. Can they cope with crowds, can they become excitable around a lot of people and are they well behaved a majority of the time?  Remember there is certainly no guarantee that the most well behaved animal in the world will be good on your special day.
  2. To help with the behaviour of your pet investigate the possibility of a pet sitter which are now being seen more and more across the country. You don’t want to be hassled with the looking after of your pet whilst you are taking your wedding vows.  Pet sitters can look after them through your ceremony and then when everything is coming to an end they can also take them home and look after them for you.  This is such a great idea and gives you piece of mind that you don’t need to worry about them.
  3. Most important of all is that you do need to confirm with your venue that your pet can be involved. If they can’t be involved in the ceremony they could certainly be involved in your wedding photography, but again remember to let your photographer know this in advance.
  4. Remember to let your guests know your that pet will be there too, you may have the odd guest that has an allergy and you wouldn’t want them becoming ill.
  5. And finally, if you are planning on dressing your pet up for the occasion there are some lovely items that are now available, such as a pet wedding tux, which is just adorable. Check that it fits well in advance of your wedding day as you wouldn’t want your pet to become uncomfortable.

If you have had your pet or pets at your wedding why not send us some photographs and we will feature them into our real weddings write up.  Look forward to hearing from you.