Your wedding day isn’t a dress rehearsal. (Although we’d strongly advise you to have a rehearsal in the days before your wedding; a run through to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything and everybody knows what they are supposed to be doing.)

So when it comes to your wedding photographs you need to make sure that you have in mind all the must-have images you want taken. Take it from us, on your wedding day you may forget one or two in all the excitement and fun – and you won’t get a chance to take them again.

Build up a good rapport with your photographer in the weeks before – if he’s been briefed properly he or she will give you the results you want – it’s really all about communication. Have a look at the list below, talk to your photographer and give him a definite list of what you really want.

And here’s some shots you might not have thought about but which we definitely recommend you have in your wedding album. You may want formal, you may want reportage but in our opinion a mix of both usually works best for the most memorable effect.

1. Mum’s the word. Your wedding day is a big moment for your mum and she’s bound to feel a bit emotional. She’ll also probably be helping you get ready so get some snaps with her – maybe buttoning up your dress, helping you to adjust your veil. A photograph of you both in your finery before she heads off to the ceremony. Remember your mum is handing her little girl over to your husband – it’s an ending and a new beginning so get a record of it.

wedding flowers at reception

Image via David Bostock Photography


2. It’s all in the detail. You may have spent hours on Pinterest finding ideas, looking at wedding blogs and wedding magazines online. So make sure you get a record of all your hard work. When you walk into the ceremony and your wedding reception you may not get a chance to really take it all in so ask your photographer to take shots of your table plans, wedding centres, flower arrangements, the bouquets, favours …

3. Everyone special who is there. Is your best friend who’s gone to live in Australia coming to your wedding? Get a photograph of the two of you together. Your colleagues? Your besties? Make sure the photographer captures an image of those special people you don’t see very often – you’ll all be looking fabulous, dressed up and these are images you’ll enjoy looking at for a long time to come.

bride holding bouquet

Image via Owl & The Pussycat Wedding Photography


4. Your accessories. We’re talking your earrings, tiara, bracelet and of course your engagement ring (against your dress). Have some close ups taken – especially one of you and your bridegroom with your new wedding rings. Jewellery looks wonderful in photographs and you’ll want to remember how you put it all together.

groom looking at bride

Image via David Bostock Photography


5. The moment you walk down the aisle and the groom catches sight of you. And the moment when your guests first see you. These shots that capture emotion also capture the mood of the day – they’re not posed, they’re impulsive. You’ll want to hold that memory so capture it on camera.

6. Your pageboys and flowergirls taking time out. Formal shots are good, but the images that stay in the memory and get the most compliments are those impromptu ones, Flowergirls playing outside on the grass. Pageboys being a little bit mischievous. Try to get these shot when the children don’t know they are being taken so they look natural. And have them framed as a gift to give your young attendants.

7. You and your dad (or whoever is giving you away). One of the wonderful moments is just before you enter the ceremony – and your dad gives you away to your future husband. He may want a quiet word with you, wish you luck and love. Cherish those moments and try and get a visual record of them.

You may have your own ideas for must-have wedding photographs. Take some time to write your thoughts down and share them with your photographer so he or she knows what is important to you. What you decide is going to play a key part in how your wedding is remembered on camera so take your time, be detailed and then you can rest assured that you won’t have missed out on anything important. You’ll be more relaxed on your wedding day knowing that an important part is in hand and you don’t need to concern yourself about it.

Featured image via Owl & The Pussycat Wedding Photography