I don’t know about you, but I looked at just about every photograph of Pippa Middleton’s wedding day that I could find and really liked what I saw.

Some things that particularly stood out were:

Pippa’s wedding dress

High necked, lace and elegant, this is a dress that isn’t going to date in a hurry. Okay so we don’t all have a spare £40,000 or so to spend on a bespoke designer dress but there are certain aspects of her look that we can get inspiration from.

Pippa is a big fan of working out and she’s got the arms to prove it. So her wedding dress featured short cap sleeves, all the better to flatter her toned limbs.


Lace on a wedding dress never really goes out of favour. It’s very flattering, can come in different colours and can be used in different ways on a wedding gown. You can have a lace bodice and a lace skirt or just use lace as a feature on your bodice or on your sleeves. It’s very adaptable and very, very pretty on a bride.

The hair

When you wear a high-necked dress like this, wearing your hair-up completes the look. It also lets the high neckline speak for itself. Again, Pippa has chosen an up do in a classic style that’s not going to date in a hurry.

She also chose a low key tiara (well it is going to be hard to compete with the jewels her sister has at her disposal!) that fitted in beautifully with her hairdo giving a hint of a sparkle just where needed without being overpowering. Her hair and tiara also worked well with her wedding veil, which was simple and perfect.

Dealing with the weather

Apparently Pippa had a glass marquee in the grounds of her parents’ house for her reception. Actually we think this is a genius idea! She wasn’t blessed with the best of weather on her wedding day, there was a torrential downpour at one point but had the foresight to allow for an English May Day and what it might bring.

A glass marquee looks beautiful and also still lets the outside come in, in a good way.

Again, we might not all have the budget to allow for a glass marquee but we can allow for the weather by supplying umbrellas, wearing wedding wellingtons, making sure there is air-conditioning in a hot room and that a marquee can be heated if it gets cold outside.

Driving away with the new husband

We like the trend that Kate Middleton started when she drove off from her reception with her brand new husband driving a classic car. Pippa obviously was taken with the idea too, as the pair also left their reception in a classic old Jaguar. Stylish and a great photo opportunity!

No photographs

Apparently guests were asked not to take photographs on their mobiles during the service and at the reception. Whilst you (and they) will want to have a record of your big day, it can be very obtrusive to have people filming and taking snaps as you are taking your vows. Although this is less of an issue at the reception. It’s certainly something worth thinking about if you believe it is going to spoil the ceremony and in fact inside a religious building using phones may not be permitted anyway.

Pageboys and flower girls

We like the fact that Pippa chose equal numbers of boys and girls as her attendants which balanced things out nicely. Also the fact that they were dressed in pastel shades, which always suits young children.

What did you think of Pippa’s wedding? Were there any aspects you particularly liked or things you would have done differently?