There might be all sorts of reasons for planning your wedding at the last minute.

Okay, so some couples have two years in the planning. But that’s not for you.

Maybe you’re going off to work abroad together and need to sort visa issues?

Maybe there’s a baby on the way and you want to get a wedding sorted before you’re busy with a newborn.

Or maybe it’s just very romantic and you just want to be known as Mr and Mrs.

Whatever the reason, you need to brace yourself because there are a lot of pessimists out there  who will say things like: “You’ll never get it sorted in time.” And that’s actually not true. Depending on what you want – and to be honest, a wedding for a cast of 500 guests might be pushing it a bit – you can get something fabulous organised in just a few weeks.

The trick is to get married mid-week, which will open up all your options. Many hotels, car hire companies, caterers, bands and DJs offer considerable discounts for weekday weddings. Brides can benefit from a much less hurried service from hairdressers and make-up artists (who will probably be stacking up the bridal clients on a summer Saturday.)

Here’s your checklist of what you need to know and what you need to get sorted – and in what order – to get your wedding planned last minute.

  • Check potential dates with principal guests
  • Ascertain the availability of a registrar or priest
  • Book the venue
  • Draw up a guest list and send invitations
  • Brief your wedding co-ordinator or planner. They should be able to recommend key suppliers such as photographers, dressmakers, formal hire, florists, cake makers and local bands. They should also be able to advise on local hotels, B&Bs and taxi firms.
  • Make a gift list
  • Book your hairdresser and make up artist
  • Buy the rings
  • Book the wedding night accommodation
  • Plan menus and running orders with timings with your co-ordinator
  • Choose a honeymoon
  • Enjoy your hen/stag parties, relax and revel in the day!

Now one of the things you might have a major panic about is: “But if I plan my wedding at the last minute, it’ll never look the way I always dreamed of.”

Actually, that’s not the case either. Get in touch with one of our local venue wedding stylists and there’s no real reason why your wedding shouldn’t look just the way you’ve always wanted it to. Dreaming of a country style wedding? Check. That’s certainly doable. Our stylists will have all the props and decor you need to get that rustic ambience.

Or maybe the only venue you’ve found that’s suitable and available isn’t quite as decorative inside as you’d like. But it’s in the perfect place, it’s has the space you need and it’s affordable. In which case one of our venue stylists will work their magic by draping the room inside and using curtains of lighting to transform it into a palace.

If you’re thinking: “This all sounds a bit expensive” then you will be surprised at the prices and what we can achieve within a budget. You should also build in the factor that if you hand the styling over to an expert you won’t have to spend any money on props that you’re unlikely to use again – like several outdoor lanterns, cake stands, bunting, special lights … it’s all part of the service.

You’ll also almost certainly have a stylist that’s local to you. Just get in touch for a chat first if you like, you’re under no obligation.

marquee wedding styling with rustic centerpieces and pink purple white mint hanging lanterns

Just one of the ways we can transform a wedding into something very special last minute …

Of course, the other way a stylist will transform your venue is by using decorative chair covers, table cloths and sashes in just about any colour you can think of, and in a rainbow of different combinations. So your wedding reception will have that wow factor you’ve always wanted when your guests arrive.

And if you want to talk about the practicalities of a last-minute wedding, our stylists are very experienced and are certain to have some hints and tips up their sleeves to help you move things along.

You really don’t need years to plan a wedding – it can be done in a few weeks – and beautifully.

So keep, calm, carry on, use our list above and get sorting it.

Oh… and congratulations from us all too!