At Ambience we’re in the business of making wedding dreams come true.

Our stylists have several tricks up their sleeves for achieving this but today we’re going to talk about room draping, which might be an aspect of wedding styling that you have never considered before.

If this is the case, you need to read on because this particular stylist trick could just be your secret weapon.

Our stylist added romance to this golf club venue by draping the ceiling and adding lights

Is your venue a little dull inside?

First off, let’s talk about the sort of venue that’s perfectly located. It may be a hotel near your home with plenty of rooms for your guests. And you’ve decided to use the ballroom for your wedding reception but you feel it looks a little corporate?

Or maybe you’ve opted for your local village hall which is within your budget, next to the church and near your family home. Outside it’s okay but inside it’s a bit dull. Otherwise it’s perfect.

Both these scenarios are perfect candidates for room draping, our stylists will meet with you at the venue visit the venue and assess it to see how you can use draping to transform the room. Room draping can add instant romanticism.

draped ceiling

A draped ceiling softens the room

Creating a marquee style room

Full draping is when our stylists drape the entire interior of a room so that effectively you are in a marquee style room. It’s perfect when the room has features you want to hide completely or when you want to create an entirely new setting. And it certainly makes guests gasp with impressed delight when they enter a tented room.

Room draping used here to create a totally different setting...

Room draping used here to create a totally different setting…

More often, our brides request drapes to create a focal point in a room, to add interest to a ceiling or to mask not so appealing doors or signage. Let’s just look at a couple of ways our stylists have done this.

If you’re marrying in a hotel or a building that’s licensed for weddings, you may feel that you want to set the stage for the actual spot in which you’re marrying.

Our stylists can certainly help you create an aisle but what about the spot where you will be saying your vows? Look at these images below and you’ll see how we’ve created a special area for the couple to make their promises.

In this hotel, our stylist Sandie used a dramatic lit curtain to create an ‘entrance’ and add a touch of theatre. The area where the vows were to be said was also draped to make it extra special.

Room draping at Hotel du Vin

A classic example of how our stylists can camouflage an ordinary window and create a backdrop for the happy couple to say those important words

Easy to talk to

When we hear back from our brides after their wedding, one of the things we’re often told is that our stylists are easy to talk to and discuss ideas with.

If room draping seems like it might be the solution to your venue issues, then our stylists will work with you to create a plan that transforms your wedding interior. They’ll come with you to the venue and look at different ways of draping the room and also take a look at the exterior too. Because our stylists are so experienced, they’ll know exactly how to make a space look its best and how to hide any features you don’t really want to have on show.

You’ll notice in these photographs that many drapes are also enhanced by the clever use of lighting, which is something our stylists can also provide. They have access to all the required lights and know how to use them safely.

Lighting is something that can be overlooked, which is a pity, as it’s a great way of creating different sorts of atmospheres quickly and simply.

lights on bannisters

Here our stylist created a grand entrance by draping the banisters and adding delicate lights

We’re going to discuss lighting and its possibilities in enhancing your wedding venue in upcoming weeks. But in the meantime, think about your wedding venue. Could it do with draping in certain areas? Would the option of using draping make the decision easier to book a venue from your shortlist?

Our stylists are always happy to just have a chat, getting in touch doesn’t hold you to anything. But like our brides have said, we are very approachable and we’re here to help. So get in touch now and let’s see how we can transform your wedding venue!