It’s a trend that’s been in the background for a while, but now ruffles are seriously starting to take centre stage everywhere on the fashion runways.

Designers like Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen have been putting layers of ruffles and frills on dresses in all sorts of different ways.

Ruffled shoes by Zara

Ruffled shoes by Zara

Bags, shoes or dresses, the latest embellishment is a ruffle.

And ruffles are now being seen at weddings more and more. Probably because they are very romantic and dreamy.

Why we love a ruffle at a wedding

  • You can have a large ruffle or a small ruffle
  • You can use them on shoes, your dress, on tablecloths and to add a modern look to chair covers
  • You can even use them to decorate your wedding cake
  • You can use ruffles in one shade or mix two colours together (or more) for a contrast effect
  • Some flowers even have natural ruffles like old-fashioned roses and carnations
  • Ruffles are super-romantic and work perfectly with a country-style wedding day or a day that’s a bit vintage and old-fashioned

Thinking about fabrics

You’ll get a different effect with your ruffles depending on the fabrics you choose. Go for a gossamer thin chiffon and you’ll have a floaty, pleated effect that falls in a waterfall.

If you opt for a fabric with more structure, say a silk or a taffeta, then your ruffles will be firmer and slightly more formal. This sort of ruffle works well when you want it to stand up of its own accord. For example if it’s a detail on a wedding invitation.

Wedding cake decoration

As for your wedding cake, ruffles and wedding cakes go together just perfectly.

You can use ruffles on a tablecloth for your wedding cake table or to decorate the edges of a cake or just the top tier.

To be honest, ruffles have never really gone away they are too versatile and pretty for that.

The asked-for detail by brides

More and more of our stylists are being asked for ‘something with a ruffle’ by brides. Here’s some examples of wedding receptions they’ve styled as a result. Why not play around with colours and put ruffle hoods on chairs in contrasting colours next to one another say pink next to white, or white next to blue? You don’t have to opt for just one colour, mix it up a bit.

Wedding ruffles by our designers

Wedding set ups by our stylists

Ruffle hoods can be added on to chiavari chairs or over chair covers as a modern alternative to sashes. They are available in all sorts of shades to suit your wedding theme.

wedding ruffles

Weddings set up by our stylists

Ruffles to flatter

When you’re choosing your bridesmaid dresses, a well-placed ruffle can draw attention to a good feature or disguise one that’s not so good. As ever, it’s always worth discussing what your bridesmaids wear with them before going ahead and choosing them. You want to make sure they are happy with what they are wearing and that the dresses you choose will suit them.

Bridesmaid frocks with ruffles by Dessy

Bridesmaid dresses with ruffles by Dessy


The shoes by Zara at the top are just one example of how ruffles can decorate your shoes. Shop around and you’ll be amazed at how many shoes (and sandals) have pretty ruffle details.

Things to be thinking about

  • Would ruffled chair styling suit your wedding style?
  • Which colours would you choose?
  • Could your bridesmaids use a well-placed ruffle on their dresses?
  • You’re going to have to explore the shops looking for ruffle detail shoes
  • Maybe on the cake? A little or a lot?
  • How would you work a ruffle theme into your stationery

We think this might be a good time to start a board on wedding ruffles on Pinterest! Enjoy!


*Feature Image credit: Table floral arrangements by Fulford Flowers.