So you’ve just got engaged! Congratulations from all of us here.

Now one of the first things you’ll be talking to your fiancé about is when you should get married. And if you’ve already set your mind on a particular date, then you need to be getting those Save The Date notifications out NOW.

Why it’s so crucial

We’re all busy nowadays. We go away on business trips. We work abroad. We travel. We have families.

So if you want all those special people to celebrate with you on your wedding day you need to give them plenty of notice – particularly if you’re marrying in school holidays, midweek, during the summer holiday season or if you have many relatives and friends abroad.

Whilst we love the idea of a perfectly themed wedding, your Save The Dates don’t actually have to completely reflect the type of wedding you’re planning. For a start you may not have yet decided on your colours, the venue, the flowers, the style. And you may be changing your mind a fair bit in the meanwhile anyway. At this stage we’d advise you to keep it simple.

You could just e mail everybody with your news and announce when you’re getting married – with the date and the location – and ask people to block it off in their diary. The location is important even if you haven’t booked a venue. People need to know where you’re getting married, otherwise they may make incorrect assumptions like assuming you’re getting married where your parents live or where you live now.

If you’ve got a bit more time then try to personalise your Save The Date a bit more. You could just take a snap of you and your other half and add it to the e mail.

Don’t be a perfectionist about it

The important thing is that you don’t let too much time pass before you tell everybody when you’re getting married. Don’t stress about getting the Save The Date perfect. It’s really just information at this stage so get that news out there fast. You could even just text people if you feel that’s the best way.

Of course, some of your relatives may not really do the email thing – in which case it’s best to phone them or send a card.

However, one thing you will need to be a perfectionist about is making the details correct – you need to tell people who is getting married, where (but not necessarily the venue) and when. Make sure you don’t forget any of these crucial points!

Specify who is invited

If the invitation is going to include boyfriends, girlfriends or children, then specify that on the Save The Date so that people know immediately who will be involved and can start planning any necessary childcare, travel tickets, time off work or even outfits!

And what they are invited to

You don’t need to send out Save The Dates to people whom you’re only inviting to the evening party. They’re really just for people who are coming to the actual ceremony so consider carefully beforehand who you really want there.

What’s next?

Traditionally wedding invitations aren’t sent out until 6-8 weeks before the wedding but if you’re getting married abroad or in a location that’s quite hard to reach by public transport, you might like to send them out earlier.

If you’re marrying somewhere particularly scenic and beautiful, or in an interesting city, people may want to plan a mini-break or holiday around your wedding and they’ll need to book accommodation. So include all those sorts of details with your invitation – tourist attractions, hotels, b&bs, train stations, airports …

It’s always a good idea to put your dress code on your invitations too. If you want all the men to wear morning dress, then say so. If it’s lounge suits or black tie put that on the invitation too (which also gives the women a tip on what they should wear as well). It’s quite embarassing for a man to turn up at a morning suit wedding in a lounge suit or vice versa and many men will need to hire morning suits or black tie in any case.

By the time you’ve decided on the look of your wedding invitations you will also probably have a wedding theme or colours in mind. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you get the perfect look for your big day then contact one of our local stylists who will help you turn your venue into your perfect wedding backdrop.

But get those Save The Dates out now so you can be reassured that most, if not all, of the people you really, really want at your wedding will be able to attend!

Featured image via Brent Schoepf