How you use your flowers on your wedding day will really set the tone and the look of the day itself.

What do we mean by that exactly?

Well, say you’re having a slick, chic and sophisticated lunchtime wedding in town.

This is somewhere you will want elegant flowers so for example blooms like lilies and orchids. However this theme won’t suite hand tied bouquets and jam jars full of wild flowers and blowsy roses. That’s the look for a countryside wedding.

Get your florist involved

Of course, unless you’re having a completely DIY wedding and doing the flowers yourself, this is something you can ask your florist about.

aisle decoration

An aisle decorated by one of our stylists

Most importantly, your florist will give you suggestions depending on the time of year in which you are marrying. It’s always best buying flowers that are in season because they’ll be:

  • Less expensive
  • Better quality
  • More available
  • And you’ll have more blooms to choose from

So how can our stylists help with your flowers?

Our stylists have created different looks for so many weddings that using flowers to create part of the mood comes as second nature to them. You only have to look at some of the photographs of weddings we have created to see what we mean.

Ambience E Kent 33A Centrepiece Dec 2015

Hurricane vase fresh flower centerpiece

City weddings

Say you’ve decided to get married in the city and you’re having a lunchtime-based party.

In which case, our stylist might suggest bold, vibrant colours or a monochrome effect in black and white.

ostrich feather table centre

Perfect for a city wedding, an elegant red rose tucked in a chair back

So how can your flowers work with this? Well, white or deep red roses would be a classic choice. Our stylists would decorate the venue with chair sashes and bows to create a dazzling theme for guests to walk into. On the other hand, you may want your city wedding to be in much more muted colours say shades of grey and cream. That’s also doable and to add some extra interest our stylist may use striped ribbons and chiffon draping.

As for your flowers, perhaps pale cream and pale pink roses would get the look you’re after.

A festival wedding

If on the other hand, if you’ve decided to have a boho style country wedding with a festival theme running through it then this is certainly something one of our stylists could help with.

They can source everything you need to get that look right from festival flags through to lanterns and burning taper candles.

festival wedding

Festival wedding styling by one of our professionals…

As for flowers, our stylists can talk to you and the florist you’re using to get the most out of your flowers.

Maybe you want flower garlands decorating the top table and certainly the chairs of the bride and groom. In which case our stylist can work with your florist supplying the necessary fabrics and sashes which would work with blooms and bouquets.

wedding styling

Our stylists will help you get the festival look perfectly

Country style wedding days

If you want to have country and meadow flowers tumbling out of jam jars, vases and jugs along the refectory style tables, then our stylists will be able to source the perfect pieces – and pass them onto your florist if they are doing the table flowers.

As you can see, using a stylist will actually save you money (to say nothing of time) because they’re the ones sourcing all the props you need to get your venue looking perfect. You don’t have to spend your time and money scouring eBay or charity shops looking for anything as they’re likely to have it already.

saying it with flowers at wedding

How we decorated chair backs at a country style wedding

And our stylists wealth of experience means that whilst they will listen to your ideas, they’ll also have plenty of their own ideas that you can benefit from. They’ll tell you what you need to do and what you can do without (knowing what to leave out is also part of getting a look right).

You’ll also need to think about accessories for your young bridesmaids, maybe you want them to carry flower baskets instead of posies in which case our stylists can source baskets in just the right colour and material to suit – and decorate with ribbons and sashes as needed.

So what happens next?

Think about the season you’re marrying in and the sort of flowers you like. Then get in touch with the florist you’re interested in using and see what’s available.

If you’re doing the flowers yourself, then you need to get in touch with one of our stylists at this point to see what are the best ways to use your flowers.

We have stylists all over the country so there’s certain to be somebody near you. Making a call doesn’t commit you to anything but you’ll certainly enjoy having a chat with a professional!