Congratulations on your engagement!

If you’re one of those lucky people who got engaged over Christmas and New Year, then you may by now have a shiny, sparkly ring on your finger that you just can’t stop gazing at.

In which case, have you thought about carrying through the idea of using jewels to inspire your wedding theme?

Diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphire, emeralds

Jewel colours are a classic way to get your look together. You could dress your bridesmaids in brightly coloured frocks – they don’t have to be the same colour, mix it up a bit (along with the necklines and the style). And give them colour-contrasting shoes to wear too – again, they don’t have to match their dresses.

Your wedding cake is going to be a centrepiece on your big day, so think about embellishing it with sparkle to continue your look. Ask your cake maker to add ribbons of shine to each tier or have your intials entwined in crystals.

Your reception decor is also going to give you plenty of opportunity to dazzle too. And this is where one of our stylists could really help you along.

If your venue lacks a certain something, then consider room draping to create a tented effect inside. Ask your stylists to hang ropes of glittery lights along the top table or diamanté swags with sparkle to table cloths.

You might also like to consider a curtain of light to highlight certain areas – behind the dance floors or behind the top table.

At the ceremony, you could decorate your chairs with crystal bedecked sashes which we’d be able to source for you. Again, you could have these in jewel colours for an eye-catching effect and to give the wow factor when everybody enters.

On the tables, have napkins on display bedecked with crystal napkin rings.

On the tables themselves, ask your stylist to scatter crystals in different colours over the surfaces to add to the gleam.

You’re probably going to want to serve champagne for the toasts, or sparkling wine, so ask your stylist to supply you with diamant√© rings which can be slipped over the stem of the glass.

Set a sparkling tone from the beginning

Your wedding invitations can pop through the post and shimmer their way onto your guests’ mantelpieces.

There are so many styles of wedding stationery about. Think about having a customised monogram in glitter on the back of the envelopes. And don’t feel you have to have white or ivory envelopes – investigate jewel coloured envelopes. If you want a classic look then think about acquamarine – a pale and elegant blue.

Your Save The Date card could be very simple (in fact you could e mail your Save The Dates if you’re in a hurry) – just add a shot of your engagement ring to get your theme in motion.

Your wedding table plan could be placed in a frame that you could decorate yourself (if you’re a DIY kind of a bride) with pearls, crystals and glitter.

And your table name place cards could be placed on holders with a diamanté finish.

What about your accessories?

It’s traditional for a bride to wear a tiara. Now, whilst we’d all like to have access to the kind of jewellery and tiaras that Kate Middleton now finds at her disposal, you’ll find some very pretty styles available that would suit the style of wedding you’ve chosen. You could go for a classic diamond style tiara, or add some colour with emeralds, rubies and sapphires (and obviously they don’t have to be real!)

Talk to your hairdresser before you buy a tiara about how you’d like to wear your hair and tell her about the style of veil you’ve chosen, if that’s what you’ve decided upon.

On your feet, you could wear classic wedding shoes but add a buckle with coloured or silver crystals to add a gleam to your toes!

And of course, if you’re looking for a gift to give your bridegroom, then presenting him with a diamond tie or cravat pin the day before your wedding would be a lovely touch (particularly if it matches the stones in your engagement ring).

Always a classic

A jewel wedding theme will endure and never go out of fashion. So if you’re thinking about adding sparkles to your big day, you can be sure that you’ll be looking at your wedding photographs in the years to come and still be delighted with the look you chose.

And remember, our stylists are here to help you get it right and you’ll probably have one very local to you.