I’ve just looked at the weather for this week and am amazed to see that southern England is set for a Really Cold Snap. Cold in that the temperature is forecast to go down to about minus 8℃.


Which got me thinking about winter weddings. If the forecast says that it’s going to be distinctly below freezing on your wedding day, then what do you need to do?

Feeling warm equals relaxed and comfortable.

Wedding dresses are supposed to be beautiful but they’re not really designed to keep you warm. And a shivering bride with blue lips really isn’t a good look. Another thing to think about is that you don’t want to be ill in bed on your honeymoon, having caught a chill. So if it’s cold, frosty or even snowy, then you need to add some beautiful layers.

bride in high heels on snow

Wedding heels and snow aren’t a good mix. Think about wedding wellies instead…

You could think about wearing a cape over your wedding dress. It doesn’t have to be in white or cream, you could choose a contrasting colour maybe a rich red. A cape is also something you could wear over an evening dress in the future, so choose a shade that you love and would be happy to wear again.

Photo by Helen Cawte Photography via Rock My Wedding

Photo by Helen Cawte Photography via Rock My Wedding

A shrug is also a good idea if you’re wearing a strapless gown. And again, it’s a piece of clothing you’ll probably wear in the future, so think of it as investment dressing!

Don’t forget your bridesmaids either! Think about giving them wraps too, you can get shrugs in various different colours and they’ll also make wonderful bridesmaid gifts.

faux fur stole

Faux fur stole by joanieclothing.com

Country churches are beautiful and picturesque but they can be very chilly in winter. Make contingency plans and keep your older guests warm by having baskets of blankets for ushers to hand out. Perfect for putting over cold knees.

Be considerate about photographs

If you’re having photographs taken outside after the ceremony, then consider having your group photographs taken first, so your guests don’t have to hang around in the snow.

And talking of snow, you need to make sure that you can actually reach your venue if the roads are icy and there has been a recent snowfall. You might like to reconsider the transport that takes you there and swap the stretch limo for a vehicle that will be able to navigate slippery roads. Possibly a 4×4? Talk to your chauffeuring company and see what they suggest.

wedding range rover

Range Rover by cupidcarriages.co.uk

Cold hands, warm drinks

On arrival at your wedding reception, ring the changes by serving mulled wine and hot chocolate. The fizzy stuff is fabulous but if your guests are feeling a bit numb, then they’ll love wrapping frozen fingers around mugs of hot drinks.

hot spiced wine

Hot spiced wine will make a warm welcome for guests.

A warm welcome

If you’re planning a winter wedding, you need to plan ahead for bad weather. Whilst a snowy day can look wonderful in your photographs, it can also cause havoc.

Think about that when you’re deciding on a wedding venue. You might find your dream place, hidden away in a beautiful valley in breathtaking countryside but how easy will it be to get to if the roads are icy and it’s not somewhere that the gritting trucks can reach?

In addition, you need to think about how welcoming your venue will be on a winter day. If you can, opt for somewhere that has a hall with an open fire because that will give your wedding guests the best welcome and it will act as a natural gathering point throughout the reception.

snowy day

White weddings are wonderful but you’ll need to think about transport.

Tips for a winter wedding day

These are the things you need to be considering if you’re getting married in the colder months.

  • Have something warm and beautiful to wrap up in when you’re in the car on the way to your wedding venue and for afterwards when you’re outside greeting guests and having your photographs taken
  • Make sure your bridesmaids have something warm to wear too
  • Wedding wellies are a great idea, so you’re not slipping and sliding around in high heels on icy paths
  • Think about blankets for elderly guests in a cold church
  • Don’t leave guests standing around outside in the cold for too long for photographs
  • Make sure your wedding car will get you to your venue
  • Look out for a venue that will embrace the winter weather with open fireplaces