Romantic, boho, classic, vintage, unconventional…

What sort of bride would you say you are? Have you been planning your wedding ever since you can remember or are you keen to make it a more spontaneous and quirky day?

The fact is that no two brides are quite the same.  Even the most conventional woman will do some things in her very own way, even though she might describe herself as a classic bride.

Bouquets for brides

But there’s one accessory that no bride will want to be without on her wedding day and that is her bouquet. It’s such a strong wedding tradition that a bride without wedding flowers doesn’t look complete somehow.

Choose seasonal blooms

It’s always best to choose flowers which are in season as you’ll get a better quality bloom and it will also help to keep your costs down. If you want to know what flowers are in season around your wedding day ask your florist for advice. Some flowers, like roses, are in season all year-round but others have very definite seasons like tulips in spring and chrysanthemums in Autumn.

Which bouquet would suit you?

A wedding bouquet doesn’t have to be a classic posy of roses. Far from it. In fact, a talented florist will create a bouquet to suit your own individual style. Show the florist pictures of your wedding dress, your Pinterest board, your venue, your invitations and chat about the look you’d like. To help you on your way, we’ve found the following images which show you how versatile wedding bouquets can be.

A little bit boho?

We love peonies and peonies in hot pink like these beauties above would be perfect for a boho bride. They’re striking, stunning yet still beautiful. Love the way the florist has put in some lighter pinks too. Maybe you could even have an ombre effect (that’s when the colours are graduated from light to dark).

Another boho bride idea here, dazzling colours adding real drama.


Here’s another bouquet that’s caught our eye which would suit a more unconventional bride. There are some fabulously dark shades here, deep ruby red florals and foliage. If you were having a coloured wedding dress in a deep shade something like this could set it off beautifully. The one shown here is quite a large bouquet (which is quite a commitment to carry) so you might want to opt for something a bit smaller. That’s okay, because it’s the range of colours here that creates the effect.

For a romantic bride

A romantic bride may opt for soft delicate colours such as whites, creams and light pinks. She’s probably chosen a long sweeping veil and a dress that drapes rather than clings. A bouquet like the one below would suit a romantic bride perfectly.

If you’re a traditional bride …

Then you’ve probably decided that your bouquet absolutely must include roses. We like the bouquet below because it’s traditional but not too ‘shouty’. A bouquet like this would be ideal if you’re traditional but don’t want anything large or trailing.

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For the vintage bride?

If you’re planning a vintage style wedding, then you’ve probably been a bit of a magpie collecting bits and pieces to style your big day. In which case, you might like to ring the changes with a brooch bouquet, created from a collection of costume jewellery. A brooch bouquet is stunningly unconventional and of course, it won’t fade away. You can keep it forever and pass it down as an heirloom.


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For a country-style wedding

We think this simple bouquet here would be perfect and tying it with a blue ribbon adds a special touch.


Simple, classic and traditional

You can’t go wrong if you carry a couple of sprays of simple, pure white orchids. They’re classy and never go out of style.