Wondering how to have a classy hen party? Here is some inspiration.

Your hen party needs to be fun, memorable (for the right reasons) and affordable to your friends (maybe it’s time to rewatch the film ‘Bridesmaids’ if you’re not sure about the expense part).

And a hen party doesn’t have to mean a drunken weekend in a city, embarassing the hen, wearing angel wings, L plates and brandishing cringeworthy accessories. We know that a lot of girls don’t really want to celebrate in that way (although if you do, fair play to you).

So for those of you who are looking for something a bit different, read on for some stylish hen party ideas.

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Hire a party house

Instead of all traipsing to the airport, hoping that your flight is going to leave on time, that the weather is going to be okay in your destination and that your flight back is going to arrive when it should, why not have a hen weekend in the UK instead?

Kate & Tom’s is a company that has some fantastic houses and cottages to rent (and they’re very affordable for groups). They have party houses with pools, hot tubs and home cinemas – by the sea, in the countryside or in the town. Depending on where you choose your house you can still go out for city centre activities like visits to clubs, museums, galleries or restaurants. In the countryside you can go surfing, walking, rock-climbing – or have a cookery lesson or beauty treatment. It’s your call.

Keeping fit – and laughing at the same time

If you want to keep fit, improve your dance moves and have a really good laugh, all at the same time, then investigate a class at House of Voga. Yes, we mean Voga, not Yoga. You know the Madonna ’80’s hit, ‘Vogue’? Well, that’s it. Strike a pose. You and your group will be taken through a series of aligned poses which increase your flexibility, energy, boost confidence and serotonin.  Sounds good before the stress of a wedding day.

House of Voga runs classes both in the UK and abroad. Get in touch to see what would work for you and your group.

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A pampering day – but a bit more fun

If you’re not keen on the silent quiet of a spa, padding around speaking in hushed tones and listening to New Age Music while you have a massage, then perhaps you should investigate The Potting Shed in Yorkshire. It’s a spa with a difference. The founder owner, Sam Pearce, set it up, because she thought spas needed to be more friendly, fun and have a bit more atmosphere.

This can be seen in what some of the treatments are called. ‘Scythes and Shears’ for a manicure and pedicure and ‘pruning and clipping for neglected hedges’. (We’ll leave you to work out what that one means.)

Cookery classes

Cookery and crafting are very on trend for hen parties these days. One of the cookery schools we particularly like the sound of is Atelier Des Chefs, who have two London venues. You can take over the venue in its entirety and be split into teams to have a cookery competition, having been taught to cook something from scratch. There are just so many classes to choose from: learn to create Thai and Asian dishes, rustle up some macaroons, make fresh pasta, cook Mexican street food, Italian or French classics. Classes are changing all the time.

Following the chef’s detailed demonstration, you will be on a bench with a maximum of six people, have a chopping board each, and will share the tasks to prepare your menu from scratch.

You will learn lots of new tips and techniques throughout the class from the experienced chefs, who encourage participants to ask plenty of questions.

Each group is assigned their own teacher who will show you how to prep the ingredients and keep an eye on you whilst you’re doing so.

At the end, you all get to sit down and eat together. Perfect for a hen party gossip!