We know that many of our brides wonder how the relationship with one of our wedding stylists works. How they should communicate what they want and how they should express their “wedding personality”.

So we had a chat with our Berkshire stylist, Claire Cole, and asked her how she discovers what it is a bride wants and how she can interpret that perfectly.

Ambience Venue Styling (AVS): Claire, we’d like to ask you a few questions about the initial chat with brides. What’s the first question you would ask a bride?

Claire:  I always check the date of the wedding , if one is set, before meeting up for a consultation to allow me to save the date in my diary.

AVS: What are the most important pieces of information you need from your couples to help you to style their special day?

Claire: The style and colour of the wedding dress is always a really important factor, not only does it tell me what style a bride likes it’s also important to note that if the dress is ivory then I would suggest that they choose ivory chair covers or chiffon drapes rather than bright white. If the bride’s dress is vintage style then the couple may want to have a vintage feel to the day.

vintage wedding colours

Vintage colours for the table

AVS: What other information would you see as being important to allow you to suggest styling ideas for your couples?

Claire: The groom’s tie and the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses usually tie in with the colour theme across the day.

Frozen wedding theme

Claire used lighting and feathers to create an ‘Arctic’ theme for this lucky bride

AVS: Do you specialise in particular colour palettes?

Claire: No, I can work with all colour palettes. However I would bear in mind the existing colours of a function room and make suggestions based on my previous experiences of styling the venue.

If you look at some of the wedding days Claire and our other stylists have put together for brides, you’ll see that they are all very varied and different. It’s all about making the very most of your venue and your budget too of course.

strings of lights at wedding

Making the beams in a barn a feature with strings of lights

It doesn’t matter whether you are having a rural wedding in a barn, or a slick city evening do wherever you choose to get married, you can be sure that our stylists will make your venue look super special!

Creating a whole look

As Claire says: “My best advice is to spend the time creating the whole look rather than buying single items, this ensures that you have a fully co-ordinated theme that looks professionally styled. I have styled weddings with nautical themes through to romantic fairy tale looks with amazing lighting effects.”

Chairbacks with green foliage at wedding

Chairbacks for a summer wedding day

Working with our stylists

When you get in touch with the Ambience Wedding stylist local to you, it’s best if you’ve had a bit of a think about the sort of wedding day you’d like to have before you start chatting. This really helps our stylists to interpret your ideas correctly into your styling. So it’s a good idea to:

  • State what sort of budget you have
  • Describe your venue and send photographs. If it’s a hotel then the local stylist may know it well
  • Give an idea of your wedding dress and what the bridegroom and bridesmaids are wearing
  • Decide on your colour choices
  • Say whether you have any particular likes or dislikes when it comes to wedding looks
  • Talk about the flowers you plan on having
  • Whether you’re having a seated or buffet-style wedding day
  • The time of day you are getting married
  • How many guests you are expecting
  • Whether you want to have wedding favours or not
  • How much of the wedding you are planning on DIY-ing yourself (it doesn’t matter if you’re not planning to do any wedding DIY by the way!)
  • Are there any particular heirloom props you would like to be worked into the styling? For example a treasured family candelabra, a plate stand or a mirror?

At the end of the day it’s all about communication between you and your stylist. So get in touch with your local stylist today to see how you could work together.

You can read more about our Berkshire wedding stylist, Claire Cole, here and view all the weddings she has styled. In the meantime, here’s a couple to be looking at…

wedding table plan

A table plan at a barn wedding created by Claire

One of Claire’s drinks table set up…