Our Ambience stylists are here to help you with your wedding planning and create the day you’ve always dreamed of no matter what your budget, the time of year, the style of wedding or the size of the party.

Because helping you with your wedding day and styling it just the way you want it is what we love to do.

Browse through the Ambience Venue Styling website and you’ll see that we’ve written plenty about wedding styling. So today we’ve put together ten of our most popular reads to help you on your way. Remember our wedding stylists are here to help you get the most out of your budget and that using a wedding stylist will almost certainly save you money as well as time which in the run up to your wedding is so precious to you.

Vintage China peach roses tea cups

Vintage theme anyone?

 1. Wedding Themes – do you really need them? With all the wacky themes going around these days, we’re thinking cartoon characters, Game of Thrones-inspired weddings, superheroes, you might think that you need to jump on the bandwagon too. But why should you have a theme? We investigate the pros and cons so you can think long and hard about the idea and decide whether or not it’s for you.

2. Fitness apps to help you with your wedding day tone-up regime. Whether you’re a long time gym bunny or new to the idea of exercising, sometimes an app is just what you need to stay motivated (apart from the thought of looking good in your wedding dress).  We sift through what’s on offer and see what they can do for you.

exercising woman

Are you on a wedding fitness regime?

3. What wedding day food should you avoid serving? Why should you never serve oysters, shellfish or pork? And why is serving fish usually a good idea? We check out the wedding food options and what’s safe on your menu.

4. Wedding trends that we’re over now (and weren’t that into anyway). Whether it’s having pillars on a tiered cake, a horseshoe tied with a ribbon or jewel bouquets, wedding trends come and go. Some of them we would say are well past their sell-by date. Which ones are they?

spaghetti eating

Should you serve spaghetti at your wedding?

5. DIY don’ts for your wedding day. Wedding DIY is definitely on trend still and brides are beating a path to shops like HobbyCraft. But is this a good idea? What should you avoid DIY-ing on your wedding day if you want it to look chic rather than untidily homemade? We give you the inside track.


Beware of the bridezilla effect. Image Wikipedia

6. How not to turn into a bridezilla. We get it. You’re stressed. You want everything to be just perfect. But you’re turning in to a bridezilla. You so don’t want to go there. Here are the warning signs, how to avoid them and what to do if you’ve already started showing signs of bridezilla symptoms.

pink and green wedding decor

A wedding created by one our stylists

7. Apple Green wedding themes.  Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, apple green is fresh, pretty, classic and it looks wonderful with pink. Here we show how you can use it in different ways. From pink roses and foliage in your bridal bouquet, through to dressing your tables with chair sashes and runners and dressing your bridesmaids in shades of apple green and pinks.

8. The romance of last minute weddings (and how to plan them). Has your significant other popped the question unexpectedly? Or have you decided to get married quickly because you’re going abroad to live or romantically, you just want to tell the world that you’re committed to each other. Maybe you’re worried about how to put together a last-minute wedding and whether it can be done at all. Fear not, we take you through what you need to be thinking about here.

9. 10 secrets about engagement photos. We love them. Engagement photos. Because you’ll be relaxed and oh-so-happy. You can also use your engagement photographs as part of your wedding stationery. So here’s how to make sure you really get the shots you’re going to treasure.

Floral bride and groom chairs...

Floral bride and groom chairs…


10. Why accessorising is the key to your wedding day look. You know when you buy a new dress, top or coat? And it just needs that perfect accessory to set it off? It’s the same with your wedding venue and your wedding tables. Pick out the right accessories and you’ll give your wedding day the wow factor. We show you how to go about it.