There’s a little detail we offer brides which is quite subtle and understated but delivers the most impact!

It’s what we call a chiffon drop. A length of luxury chiffon available in a variety of colours that can be used to drape, embellish, highlight and soften just about anywhere you want. Here’s how these beauties work!

Chiffon drops

Chiffon Drops with a hint of greenery!

Thinking about chairs

Let’s think about a dreamy and romantic wedding day. We’re thinking blush pink or possibly a crisp clean white. Add a length of chiffon to your chairs with a sprig of greenery or a bloom and it adds the perfect finishing touch!

Chiffon drops

Here a long chiffon drop has been layered across the tablescape to add depth and a gives you a reason to melt at first sight!

Chiffon for table runners

Chiffon works beautifully to add depth to a tablescape as you can see from the images above. In the set up on the left image (above) our Berkshire stylist has wound a soft pink chiffon drop along the full length of a table and draped eucalyptus along the top finished off with tea lights and candlesticks. Just think about the wedding colours you are interested in and imagine how chiffon could transform your tables.

You could change the colours depending on the time of year and the style of wedding. So for a spring wedding you might use yellows, blues and pale greens. Maybe in summer you would opt for pastels and blush colours. In autumn you could go for burnt orange, earth shades and berry hues. Then in winter, go for white with loads of candlelight.

Our stylist added a touch of romance to this outdoor ceremony area by draping the beams with luxury fabrics.

Draping a room

Mind you, you don’t need to stop at the tables. Maybe you’ve booked a venue that is in a fabulous location, which you can afford but which, well, the room is okay, but it’s not quite what you had in mind? Once the room has been transformed with hints of chiffon and amazing styling you may want to consider room draping to complete the look. You can read more about room draping here.

Chiffon and sequin, what an immaculate combination!

Making the venue your own

Your wedding day needs to be unique to you and personal. Of course your dress, the outfits you choose for your bridesmaids and your flowers will all reflect this but you also need to add that own special magic dust of your own.

There are different ways of doing this

  • You can DIY some of your wedding. Maybe make the wedding invitations yourself?
  • But don’t take on too much wedding DIY – be realistic about how much time you really are going to have
  • Call each table after something special to you and your new spouse, maybe a city, a country or even a film or a book
  • Let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses, in colours that suit them. It’s best if you give them a selection of styles from which to choose but they opt for hemlines, necklines and length. That way you’ll have happy, smiling bridesmaids in your wedding photographs
  • Think about different ways of doing your table centrepieces. Instead of having a formal flower arrangement, maybe have flowers in small vases placed along the length of the table or on a length of chiffon as above
  • Remember to decorate the outside of your venue too maybe with lanterns at a winter wedding and with decorative trees at a summer or spring wedding day
  • Be creative with your wedding favours and try to be practical. They don’t have to be expensive, a packet of seeds for the garden can be a lovely idea. Remember your guests will want to take them home so nothing too bulky and heavy!
  • Finally, it’s always fun to have a singles table or two. Don’t stick the singles with couples, that’s much too dull!




*Feature Image credit: Aisle pedestals and floral arrangements by Fulford Flowers.