Sometimes the run-up to your wedding day can feel like a bit of a marathon or at least feel like you’re training for one.

But it shouldn’t really be like that at all. Here are our tips on what is likely to stress you out and what you can do about it to overcome your worries.

Diet and fitness

Most brides want to look their best ever on their wedding day and for some this means a strict diet and the start of a new fitness regime.

That’s all very well but we’d advise you to think of two things:

  • Firstly, your other half loves you the way you are.
  • Secondly, if you need to lose weight and get fitter for health reasons then that’s great. But it’s really a life change rather than something short term that you want to do just before your wedding day.
exercising woman


Your venue

You will have chosen your venue for all sorts of different reasons for example it suits your budget, it was available on the date you wanted it, it’s convenient for you and your family, it’s in the right location.

However the chances are you will have had to make some compromises. Maybe your venue doesn’t look exactly the way you dreamed of but in every other way it’s suitable.

In which case you really should get in touch with one of our wedding stylists to see how they can help you and you’re under no obligation to take things further. They can transform an indifferent-looking venue into something resembling a fairy tale. Using room draping, they could make the interior of a simple village hall or a conference centre look like a palace complete with curtains of lights. Just look at some of the venues we’ve transformed and think about what we could do with yours.

Our stylists also ‘dress’ your venue to perfection with all the props you’ll need. Like lanterns to line the entrance ways, on trend luxury styling items to dress up your wedding tables. Chair sashes, ruffles and lace hoods to add that extra luxurious dimension.

A stylist will help you decide on the look of your wedding together


We’d always advise you to use a professional photographer rather than relying on the services of a friend. With a professional you’ll know that they’ve got the experience to handle different sorts of lighting on the day, they will know how to usher people into position and get the wedding shots you’re after. They’ll also focus on the job in hand whereas a friend will want to join in the party as soon as possible and may miss that perfect shot you’re after. Also remember that a bride’s biggest regret is not having their wedding professionally videoed so this is also something you should think carefully about making room in your budget for.

In our experience, if your suppliers are professional, you’re more likely to be confident that they’ll do a good job on your big day and so this will be one less thing to worry about.




Whilst we think DIY weddings certainly have a place, you need to think carefully about what food you are going to DIY. It all depends on the theme of the wedding. If you’re having a formal three-course sit down wedding then you can’t really DIY the food. On the other hand if you’re having a festival style event in a marquee, then you could have a hog or venison roast, a salad bar and a dessert table and some of these could certainly be a DIY option for you and your friends to arrange.

Just don’t plan on taking on too much yourself. Be realistic about what you, your family and friends can provide and get the professionals to do the rest. There’s nothing worse than falling out with a friend before your wedding because they have promised to make salads, cakes and desserts and then their offerings don’t really match up with what you have in mind.

Your young attendants

Your flower girls and pageboys certainly look cute on your wedding day but it’s important to have attendants that aren’t too young to fit these roles. It’s also recommended to have a rehearsal or two before your wedding so the little ones know what they have to do. This way you know of any hiccups that may occur. Always have some older bridesmaids and maids of honour to keep an eye on the little cuties.

Flower girls at a wedding we styled…

The weather

This is one thing you really can’t do much about. Even if you get married in the summer, you can’t count on a beautiful day. What you can do is plan ahead by offering umbrellas, having a covered walkway to your reception, having a back-up to an open car and even wearing wedding wellies!

An instant de-stressor

If you’re worried about how your wedding is going to look, get in touch with one of our stylists for an informal, no-obligation chat to help visualise your perfect day. It’s the first step towards de-stressing!