We’ve been noticing a new trend appearing in wedding photographs – and it’s certainly very popular with brides in the United States right now.



Couples are having a wedding cake table – so as well as having a wedding cake on display, they’re also surrounding it with a selection of different celebration cakes in different flavours.

We like this new idea and can see that it has several advantages

wedding cake table

A wedding cake table … now there’s an idea!


First off, you get to offer your guests plenty of different types of cake.

You may want to go the traditional route and have a cake iced in white, with possibly a fruit cake filling – complete with cake toppers on the top.

And it would certainly make the classic centrepiece for your big day – and give you that cake cutting moment and photo opportunity you want.

But why stop there?

A cake table allows you to cater to all sorts of tastes. So your guests can browse through all the delicious options on display and pick out what they want. (And you could always have a cake especially for children.)

Maybe you’ll opt for a chocolate or mocha flavour sponge? Or a red velvet cake?

wedding cake table

Different flavours to choose from …


If you’ve got a coloured wedding theme – maybe rose pink – then have a cake decorated with rose petals on a rose-flavoured sponge.  And then there are all the fruit-based options – possibly a strawberry cake in summer, or raspberry. And if you’re marrying in Autumn, make the most of seasonal produce by having an apple or berry cake.

Your cakes don’t have to be sponge either. Your wedding cake table could also feature desserts that look like cakes – we’re thinking pavlovas, fruit flans, cheesecakes, towers of meringues.

What you’re doing is giving guests options, indulging their personal tastes and making sure that they get to eat their favourites on your wedding day. And of course, having a successful reception is making sure that your guests are having the best possible time by looking after their every need – which is what you’re achieving here. (Read about our tea party wedding ideas here.)

Gluten, vegan, nut-free

wedding cake table

Chocolate cake or carrot cake?


By having a wedding cake table, you can also cater for those guests who have to watch what they eat. So maybe if you know you have some guests who are gluten-free, then you could have some gluten-free cakes. Same goes for those who are vegan – have a vegan option. And another delicious confection that is nut-free.

The trick is to label every cake to show what it is (and what it isn’t) and then pretty up your table so that it becomes a real talking point and a destination for your guests at your reception.

If you’re having a buffet-style reception, then a wedding cake table is perfect. If guests want to eat your wedding cake because they like the flavour they can or they can choose something else. So you won’t be left with slices of expensive uneaten wedding cake on plates because they’ve been block-served to all guests by waiting staff.

Making your wedding cake table look its best

wedding cake table

Making your wedding cake table look pretty …


This is where the fun begins. First off, you should think about the flavours you want to offer.

And then think about presentation  – which is absolutely where one of our venue stylists can help you.

They’ll talk to you about the kind of look you want to achieve at your wedding and what you feel your personal style is. And then they’ll translate that through to every aspect of the décor.

So say for example, you’re planning a vintage style of wedding day. Our stylists will ensure that your wedding cake table fits in with this vintage vibe, by adding all the accessories you need. They’ll have fabric, lace, bunting, ribbons, lanterns, cake stands, plates, chalkboards for little cake signs and will source it all, so you can sit back and relax and know that everything is going to look perfect and not have to invest in props that you won’t be able to use again.

Ambience Venue Stylists are extremely experienced in all this and will be able to look at a venue and work out what should go where to best effect. They’re very approachable, so you’ll find it easy to communicate your ideas so you get exactly what you want.

Best of all, there’s almost certainly a stylist located near you as we have representatives up and down the country, so you won’t have to go far to get that expert advice.

Get in touch and see what we can do for you and start thinking about the wedding cake table you’d like!

All images via Andie Freeman Photography


wedding cake table

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