What a perfect setting for this bride and groom.

Have a look around at all the most stylish weddings and you’ll see that many of them have an abundance of greenery, foliage!

Trailing around lanterns, winding up archways, cascading along tables… all looking completely wonderful.

wedding canopy

Create a bower for the couple and guests – a beautiful setting for photographs. Draping with greenery and lanterns are the perfect finishing touch. Credit: Ambience Buckinghamshire, Joely

Using foliage at a wedding is:

  • Inexpensive. You can bulk out blooms with branches of green and nobody is any the wiser. And it doesn’t look as though you have skimped.
  • Good-natured. If you’re marrying on a hot day, well-chosen foliage won’t wilt, it just needs a spray of water to keep it looking fresh.
  • A way to make your wedding smell fabulous. Think of sprays of pine or eucalyptus, which also has the advantage of repelling flies at an outdoor wedding.
Greenery at wedding

A sparkling sequin tablecloth adds depth, whilst long fronds of eucalyptus add softness and a wonderful scent. Trail greenery around tea lights to get the look. Credit: Ambience York

If you’re keen on the idea of a living wall, talk to your florist or venue stylist and discuss the options. A living backdrop doesn’t need to be made up of just roses!

Principal York

A living wall made from plants is the next biggest trend. Image Credit: Ambience York

greenery over doorway at wedding

Flowers and trailing greenery over doorways welcome your guests to a ceremony and reception. Credit: Ambience Northants, Plum Park Doorway.

Wedding arches and trees

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton both used foliage at their weddings, and very memorably.

Ms Markle had foliage-covered arches at the entrance to Windsor Chapel, with scented white roses. Very romantic.

The Duchess of Cambridge dressed her aisle with trees, creating a forest effect as she walked towards her husband-to-be.

wedding floral backdrop

Another idea for a wedding arch. This one is mostly greenery with added florals! Credit: Ambience Hertfordshire

A simple chapel has been given a celebratory touch with lights and cascades of greenery trailing down from the ceiling. Credit: Ambience Buckinghamshire

Greenery and tables

Rather than worrying about flowers on your tables and whether you can afford the centrepieces you want, whether the blooms are in season and whether guests will be able to see clearly over the arrangements to converse, you could intersperse trailing greenery the length of the table with tea lights on a long table. It will lengthen the room and make it appear more spacious and on a round table it will create a focal point.

A light filmy gauze cloth adds romance to the top table and cascading greenery completes the look. Credit: Ambience Hertfordshire

Don’t forget chair hoods if you are considering using foliage. The delicate pattern on the ones used above reflects the countryside theme exactly and the transparent fabric adds a dreamy touch. Credit: Ambience Derbyshire

Lengths of muslin are tied with greenery. However, it’s not all the same, look closely and you’ll see that each piece of greenery is a little different, adding visual interest. Credit: Ambience York

Your wedding aisle

Here’s another opportunity to use greenery. Your wedding aisle is going to be one of the big focal points on your day, if not the biggest, and so you need to make sure you have made the most of its decorative opportunities.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, as below, where our stylist has arrayed lanterns at the end of rows of chairs, and completed the look with a ‘rope’ of greenery and florals to connect them.

The aisle is also a focal point, so it needs to look its best! Credit: Ambience Hertfordshire.

table decorations at wedding

On a neutral tablecloth greenery adds fluidity. We like the interplay here between a highly decorated charger plate and a simple stem of eucalyptus. Credit: Yourdaysbydesign for the stationery & RJL Events

Tall wedding flowers

Trails of greenery cascade down from a high vase filled with oversized blooms. The effect is sophisticated but guests can still see one another to talk! Credit: Ambience Hertfordshire