Vintage weddings show no sign of going away any time soon. Vintage is  a very popular theme for weddings and rightly so. Why?

Because a vintage wedding always looks:

  • classic
  • stylish
  • timeless
  • eye-catching

And because a vintage wedding is classic, it’s a look that’s much less likely to date which is good news for your wedding photographs.

So, to help you on your way, here’s a list of the vintage wedding ideas that have stood the test of time, these are the ones you’re going to want to think about incorporating into your wedding day.

hydrangeas at wedding

Simple but effective vintage style table centrepieces. Our stylist added the extra touch of placing a mirror underneath.

Flowers – keep it simple and understated

Flowers on a vintage wedding day aren’t over-styled. Instead of formal arrangements you need to be thinking of something less structured, with a more casual style. Think hand-tied bouquets, little vases filled with informal posies, jugs of wild flowers placed in eye-catching displays at your reception. A good tip is to put a mirror underneath your table centrepieces to make them seem ‘fuller’ and reflect the light back up. This is something one of our wedding stylists could certainly help with, as they’ll have mirrors in all different sizes that are suitable.

vintage style wedding parasol

Use props to get that vintage effect – this lace parasol will look fabulous in the photographs

Use vintage props

We’re thinking of items like antique mirrors, lace parasols for a summer’s day, a vintage style clutch bag for the bride’s essentials, pearl and lace embellishing on chair backs and pews. The beauty of using one of our stylists is that they have a variety of themed props readily available.

It’s a good idea to put together a vintage style moodboard with your initial ideas, Pinterest is good for this, and then you can see how you want your wedding to look. This will then help at your one to one consultation with your venue stylist about your thoughts and how they can help you to bring them to life!

Pearls, lace and sepia photographs

If you’re a fan of Instagram you’ll know how easy it is to put a filter on your images to get a certain effect. There’s nothing to stop you putting a filter on your wedding images to get a days-gone-by kind of a look. Maybe an idea to think about for your thank-you cards or your invitations?


vintage wedding ideas

You can use filters to make your wedding photographs look more vintage – like this …

sepia wedding image

…Or like this

Pearls and lace are also very effective in creating a vintage effect.

lace wedding sashes

Our stylist used lace sashes to give this wedding the vintage style the bride wanted

As the bride, you should also think about accessorising. Visit vintage shops and look online for vintage 1920’s style veils. Vintage lace isn’t white either it’s usually cream or ivory.

vintage bicycle

A vintage bicycle looks wonderful and acts as a signpost too

Other vintage ideas

If the venue you’ve chosen for your reception is in the right place but doesn’t have that old-fashioned, vintage feel you’re after (although it’s otherwise perfect) you could discuss room draping with one of our stylists. Room draping is just what it sounds like, our stylists use large layers of fabric to create an internal ‘tent’ in your venue, transforming what might be a non-descript village hall for example into a stunning location. It’s an inexpensive way of getting the wow-factor that can make all the difference. And we can also drape a room in lace if that’s what you’re after.

Room draping can transform an indifferent room into somewhere special

You might like to think of other classic vintage props. Maybe a birdcage on a table at your reception to collect cards from well-wishers. Or a sit up and beg bicycle, complete with basket.

Don’t forget to start off your vintage wedding style with your invitations. Think of a vintage style typeface and then use it on all of your stationery, your save-the-dates, your invitations, your order of service sheets and your seating plans, so there’s a uniformity to your thoughts.

If you want to take these ideas further then it’s a really good idea to chat to one of our stylists. A chat puts you under no obligation but you may well realise that a little bit of Ambience is just what your wedding is going to need. And with our stylists already holding many of the props you’ll need, it will almost certainly save you money. You can get in touch with a wedding stylist here.