A chill-out area and your granny aren’t two concepts that would probably spring to mind immediately when you’re planning your wedding day

But just rethink. What’s a chill-out zone actually for? It’s a place where you can chat quietly, relax, reflect and gather strength before going back into the fray.

Dancing, DJ’s and Decibels

If you’re having an evening wedding, then the chances are you’re going to be planning a night of dancing after the speeches are over and the wedding cake is cut.

You’re probably going to be opening the dancing yourself with your new partner (something you might like to consider taking some lessons for).

And granny (and your other relatives) aren’t going to want to miss that one!

But as the evening goes on, you may find that the oldies (in fact not just the oldies, but friends who want to catch up over a quiet chat, and younger children) need a separate area. Somewhere comfortable, peaceful, to head off to when the dancing gets a bit frantic.

Somewhere you can serve tea and coffee and wedding cake. Where grandparents can enjoy being with their grandchildren. Somewhere for kids to wind down before going off to bed.

If you’re having dancing at your wedding (and why wouldn’t you) then you may have to clear away some tables for a dance floor. People like to have their own little spot at weddings and if you clear away a guest’s seat without leaving them anywhere else to sit, then they’re going to feel a bit displaced and they may not want to spend the rest of the evening standing up at the bar.

And even if you have extra seating around the dancefloor, it’s often hard to chat against the noise of a live band or DJ and hear what the other person is saying.

You want your guests to feel comfortable, welcome … and if they don’t, then you run the risk of people leaving earlier than you’d like.

So the answer is to have a chill-out zone.

This doesn’t have to be a room exactly. Depending on your wedding venue and the time of year, it could be a snug area by a roaring fire in the hallway, with armchairs and sofas nearby to lounge on.

chill out area at wedding

A chill-out area in a corner of a marquee created by one of our stylists. A perfect place to enjoy tea, coffee and a catch-up

In summer, it could be a small separate marquee with seating, away from the noise and bustle of the main marquee.

You might also want to have a separate chill-out area for children in a hotel, complete with DVDs, books, colouring books and chairs to curl up in. (And if you can afford nannies to keep an eye on the little ones whilst the parents have fun on the dancefloor, so much the better.)

So what if you’d decided that a chill-out area would be perfect for your wedding? How can you personalise it so it suits the rest of your wedding theme?

This is certainly something our wedding stylists could help you with – and many of them have successfully created chill-out rooms for grateful brides-to-be.

They’ll go around your venue with you and see what areas would work as a quiet corner. If the seating needs rearranging, they’ll advise you and liaise with the venue too if necessary.

If you want to entertain children there, they’ll source books, games, colouring pencils etc.

sweetie table at wedding

Our stylists can create special tables in your chill-out zones – this one is by a Dorset-based Ambience Venue stylist.

A chill-out area is also a good place to have a wedding postbox, so guests who decide to bring cards and gifts to the wedding reception can ensure they are received safely.

Your stylist will create and supply tasteful signs and notices so guests know what is where. For example, “Tea, Coffee and Wedding Cake This Way” or “Sweeties? Here’s The Sweetie Table”. Your stylist can go through all the different aspects of your wedding and advise you on what you are going to need where.

For example, if you want a separate table for snacks, cake, tea and coffee in your chill-out zone and want it decorated to match your décor, then your stylist will make this happen. They can create a star-lit backdrop, table sashes and drapes… whatever suits you.

And if you want special party favour bags in this area for guests and children, then our stylists can source some novel ideas for you.

What you need to be thinking about is how to look after your guests at every stage of the day – and different people will want things at different times.

People love to get together and catch up at weddings – so a chill-out area is a very practical idea that will be welcomed.

If this sounds like a plan for you, get in touch with your local stylist today and have a chat… you’re under no obligation, but it could make all the difference at your wedding day!