You’re going to want to be a perfect hostess on your wedding day, to do this you’re  going to want to serve the most delicious food and drink you can afford.

This will ensure that your guests remember the dishes you offer as a memorable part of your special day.

A good quality, experienced caterer will advise you but if you’re DIY-ing the food or having a capable friend helping then you might like to consider some of the following 10 flash points.

10 foods to avoid offering on your wedding day  

1. Don’t overdo it. You really don’t need to offer a 10 course banquet. It would be too heavy, take too long to eat and nobody would be able to move to dance afterwards. Forget the heavy dishes and avoid too much pastry. Light and delicious is perfect, although of course in winter you will probably want to serve hot dishes.

2. On the other hand you don’t want to skimp on food. Don’t expect everybody to survive on crisps and dips from lunch to supper.  You’re going to have to offer afternoon tea if you’re getting married late morning, having a lunch and then expecting everyone to hang on until dinner. If that’s a bit too expensive for you, better to rethink your timings than leave everyone feeling peckish.

3. Liver, kidneys, tripe etc. everything known as offal. Not popular with everyone.

4. Anything fancy and flambéed. Too much fuss, a fire risk and not necessary. That includes liqueurs like Italian grappa served after the meal (that’s the one with the flaming coffee bean).

5. Food made with raw ingredients for example raw eggs or rare meat. Older people and pregnant ladies won’t be able to eat it and again you run more risk of food poisoning. Also rare meat isn’t to everyone’s taste.

6. Walking on the wild side of food. We’re thinking Heston Blumenthal’s creations like snail porridge. Not really. Veer on the side of caution. This isn’t the time to show off how adventurous you are with your eating.

7.  Overly spicy or garlicky foods. A lot of people really don’t like hot spicy curries and others don’t like garlic either. Keep dishes tasty but not over the top. Also it can mean some people have a breath problem afterwards which isn’t very romantic. Just saying.

8.  Dishes that are over fussy and need a lot of preparation. It’s just going to stress you out and you’ll be thinking about all the things that can go wrong. Into this category fall individually served souffles which might quite literally fall flat, anything that has to be served piping hot or anything that needs some heavy garnishing. Also it puts more pressure on the waiting staff to deliver on time.

9. Dishes that are difficult to eat (I’m thinking of spaghetti here). Everybody is dressed up in their finery and they really don’t want to splash their best clothes with sauce – so leave out noodles, spaghetti and anything that has to be eaten with chopsticks.

10. Always have a vegetarian option and a fish option for those guests who don’t eat meat or who may prefer to avoid meats like beef or pork.

As always, it’s a good idea to talk to your caterer about who’s coming to your wedding. Always make sure you’ve caterered for vegetarians and if people avoid certain foods for religious reasons they may be happy to eat vegetarian food instead.

Making your food look wonderful is certainly something that one of our experienced stylists can help you with. You may think that they’re all about fancy chair covers and room draping (although that’s also an expertise) but they are also wizards at making sure a classic afternoon tea table is presented to perfection.

Our stylists will have all the props you need to make your tables look just the way you want. Items like vintage cake stands and bone china tea cups. They’ll save you a lot of bother sourcing things yourself, which you probably won’t use afterwards anyway.

If you’ve decided to have a buffet, which is often an excellent option at a wedding particularly when you want to serve a choice of foods, they can style up the buffet table in a venue to perfection. They’ll work with the venue managers to get everything together so you can walk into your reception and know that it has the ‘wow’ factor.

Why not arrange to have a free, no obligation chat with one of our stylists today? There’s certain to be one near you.