How to make your hair your crowning glory…

We’ve all had bad hair days. But you don’t want your wedding day to be one of them.

It’s the one day when your hair really should be your crowning glory and set off your look to perfection.

Follow our hints and tips for getting your wedding day hair absolutely right.

Bridal hairstyles

This is a formal up do that works perfectly with a high-necked dress, showing off the lace detail around the neckline. Image via Petra Guglielmetti on Pinterest.

Think about your dress

Before you decide on how you’re going to wear your hair, consider your dress because the neckline you’ve chosen is going to impact on the best way to style it.

If you’re having a high neckline, a bit like Pippa Middleton’s on her wedding day, then the best way to wear your hair is in an up do of some sort. This could be super formal or a messy bun. The thing is you want that hair up off your shoulders so your neckline is shown off.

The same applies if you’ve opted for a bateau neckline, like Meghan Markle’s. This kind of look really doesn’t go with long flowing locks, you need to get that hair up.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a strapless dress then wearing your hair down would be perfect. Beautifully conditioned, shiny hair cascading over your shoulders will look super romantic.

Bridal hairstyle

A strapless dress looks beautiful with hair left down in flowing waves. Here the bride has tied it loosely to one side. Image via Aaron & Jillian Photography.

Don’t go for a major new look

This isn’t the time to have a completely new style or colour. You want your bridegroom, friends and family to recognise you on your wedding day.

wedding hairstyles

A formal half-up, half-down do. It would look beautiful with a tiara and a veil. Image via Petra Guglielmetti on Pinterest.

Do you wish your hair was different?

Most of us don’t have the hair we want. If we’ve got curly hair we want straight. Straight hair? We want it wavy. Thick hair? Awkward to style. Then again if it’s fine it may be flyaway.

The trick is to work with what you have and make the best of it. There are some fantastic hair products around and beautifully conditioned hair will always look wonderful.

wedding hairstyle

Always consider what your hair will look like from the back. Here’s a variation on a chignon. Image via Steve Torres Photography.

Your wedding day might be the time to try hair extensions if you want to add length and body to your hairstyle. They don’t need to look fake, talk to your hairdresser and experiment with what would work for you.

Keep an open mind, what suits you could be surprising.

Bride with flowers in hair

For a rustic wedding, you might want flowers in your hair. If you don’t fancy a flower crown, then flowers in a messy bun or chignon are a stylish alternative. Image via Adria Lea Photography.

When to plan your wedding day hair

Even long hair will need regular trims to keep it in shape and good condition. In fact, make it a routine to use deep conditioning hair masks on a regular basis. If you’re having your hair cut and coloured it’s best not to make any drastic changes in the month before your wedding day, have your final cut, colour and trim about 10 days beforehand.

messy bun on bride

A twisted bun embellished with a classic hair decoration. If you don’t want to wear a veil, then this look could work well for you. Via Simply Faye Tiaras on Etsy.

And what about bridal veils?

Once you’ve decided on a veil, take it to your hairdresser a few months before the big day so that she/ he can experiment with different hairstyles and looks for you. You should also take a picture of yourself in your wedding dress beforehand as many necklines suit different types of wedding hair up dos. If you’re wearing an off the shoulder gown, you may want your hair put into a classic chignon. If you’re in a strapless dress you may go for a half up, half down do.

If you have short hair and you’re wearing a tiara, your hairdresser will need to see how it is going to sit and if you’re wearing a birdcage veil the same thing applies.

Finding ideas

This is the time to set up your own Pinterest wedding hair ideas board. Think about your dress, its style, your style, your veil, the time of year you are marrying and your venue.

Once you’ve put a few ideas together make an appointment with your hairstylist, taking your veil and tiara along and have fun experimenting!