There’s nothing like a summer wedding in the English countryside. Blue skies, butterflies, sunshine, balmy warm afternoons… at least that’s the dream.

Of course, you could be super lucky and be blessed with the perfect English summer weather on your wedding day. Or it could be grey, overcast and even rainy.

Don’t stress over the weather on your wedding day because there is really nothing you can do about it except for plan for all eventualities. Here’s how.

Image Credit: Rock My Wedding via Pinterest

Image Credit: Rock My Wedding via Pinterest

A wet wedding day

It pays not to take chances on the weather. Assume that it is going to rain and then if you have a blissful, sun-filled day that’s a bonus.

  • Choose a venue that’s not dependent on being outdoors. If you’re having a marquee, have a covered walkway if you’re having a receiving line or provide guests with umbrellas.
  • If you’re getting married in an outdoor gazebo, then have back-up plans for the guests watching outside. Barn weddings are good as your guests can sit inside a covered barn with open sides and watch the events unfolding in the covered area.
  • You might like to think about a floor runner in case it’s wet. You don’t want to spoil your wedding shoes and your guests don’t want muddy feet.
  • Think about wedding wellingtons for you and your bridesmaids, they can look fantastic in photographs.
  • If you’re getting married in summer, a conservatory (or barn) is a good half-way house that will deal with the weather, lovely on a sunny day but dry and comfortable when it’s inclement weather.

    ice cream

    Serve your guests ice creams in hot weather

It’s a scorcher

On the other hand, you could find yourself getting married in the middle of a heatwave, which is also when you need to have contingency plans.

  • Check the air-conditioning status in your venue.
  • If you’re marrying in a conservatory, you need to ensure that roof blinds are drawn.
  • Open up the sides of marquees and barns to let a cool breeze stream through.
  • Ensure that there are plenty of soft, iced drinks for guests to help themselves to. Maybe put some mini bottles of water on ice?
  • You could serve ice creams during the afternoon or maybe have an ice cream van.
  • Give everyone a mini fan as a wedding favour.
  • If you find yourself feeling hot in your dress, go to the ladies and run your wrists under very cold water which is very refreshing and won’t spoilt your makeup!
Romantic outdoor weddings...

Romantic outdoor weddings…

Floods and gales

  • What about if there’s been so much rain that there are floods locally? The trick here is to keep your guests informed. If there are road closures, let them know by email.
  • The same applies if there have been gale force winds, maybe there are trees are down which may be blocking the roads.
  • Some areas of the country are more prone to flooding than others, so depending on the time of year you are getting married you might like to bear this in mind because bad weather will also have a knock-on effect on other suppliers like photographers, transport and caterers.
  • We always think it’s a good idea to take out wedding insurance too which is inexpensive but could save you £££’s.

    snowy day

    White weddings are wonderful but you’ll need to think about transport

And if you have a white wedding?

  • A snowy wedding day can look fantastic in photographs and yes, it is very romantic.
  • If you’re getting married in an area that often gets snow in winter, you need to check with your venue as to how it deals with it. If you’re set on marrying in a picturesque venue that’s reached through narrow country lanes, they could become impassable if there is a big snowfall. So that might be a better place to have a summer wedding.
  • A shivering bride and bridesmaids won’t make for good wedding pics. So think about a cosy cashmere shrug or cape to drape over your wedding dress and maybe some colour co-ordinated pashminas for your maids which is a lovely gift for them to keep.

    Whatever the weather on your wedding day, our stylists will make it all happen the way you want it to…

How our stylists can help you deal with the weather

Our wedding stylists are highly experienced and know how to deal with what mother nature throws at us in the way of weather. They’ll have many of the props you’ll need to deal with it for example lanterns to light a snowy pathway or decorative containers for bottles of iced water… They’re also supreme at sourcing items like umbrellas, fans, sunglasses and all the finishing touches you might need to accessorise your venue.

As you’ll see, they’re not just magical at making a venue look wonderful with chair sashes and table cloths their talents extend way beyond. So get in touch and have a chat with a wedding stylist today…